Saturday, December 06, 2008

Michael's Turn

Another one I just have to share!  We took our kids to IHOP yesterday to end Dads vacation week properly. It was so much fun, we talked about all the things we did this week and decided what we would do for the last day. we ate pancakes and drank diet coke (well at least I did) So so so fun. When the waiter brought the check I got out my wallet and my coupon and Michael said "Whatcha doin mom?" I told him I needed to pay the bill, to which he replied with an extremely puzzled look.... "Isn't that Grandma's job?"
Proof that we need to get out more and not just when we have company who loves to spoil us all rotten. 
However if anyone is interested in taking over this job let me know the position has been officially opened! No Grandmahood required though spoiling tendencies are helpful.