Friday, October 26, 2007

It's my PARTY

I am so excited I can't write a ton but I am having my sons first "friend" birthday party today And I can't wait. It seems like he was just born yesterday and he is going to be 4 years old soon. I will post pictures later but I was just so happy I had to get some of it out now!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thank you!!

It feels like forever since I got on the computer to blog! But here I am with a wrap up of what is up.

From wonderful Smee I opened my mailbox and found a beautiful package of music. just what I needed!
Just a few short weeks ago I had a well check with my kids at a new doctors office. My little girl had a slight fever and the doctor was concerned because she had no ear infection and was in all effect feeling well. So I was sent home with a cup for her to pee in and told to bring it back when she had done so. It turned out hat not only did she have and infection but she had a high concentration of sugar in there. So we have been going through testing for diabetes for a while now. I have to test her sugar levels three times a day with a finger stick test. At first it was terrible she would scream and fight me for a while before I was able to get the blood sample to test and now after 1 1/2 weeks she picks which finger to give me and the tests go pretty quickly. However I feel like I am running in circles because I don't have any answers and I am plagued with wondering if what I watch her do every day is "normal" or not. She gets very tired about an hour after lunch and lies down for a while. Not sleeping not watching T.V. she just lies on the couch for a rest. sometimes this can last for two hours. And now I wonder about that. She wakes up two or three times most nights for a drink of water. And now I worry about that. She has severe dry skin. And Now I worry about that. In one week I will go in and Maybe get some answers. Who knows maybe they will send me home again to have more tests but, I am afraid for my little girl. I think that is maybe just part if being a mom. That even if your kids are healthy you worry about them constantly. I guess it will never stop.
But thank heaven for small blessings. When I opened my letter from Smee I got to take a time out and DANCE with my girl we put on the first CD and dances to the music laughing and playing. What a wonderful moment Thank you Smee for giving it to me!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I read this song in a book yesterday. It was popular in the beginging og the ninetenth century. We have come so far and yet I still found this funny and spot on for all of us women who will one day be "buried in dirt"

A Housewife’s Lament: Life is a toil
One day I was walking, I heard a complaining,
I saw a poor woman, the picture was gloom.
She gazed at the mud on her doorstep (twas Raining),
And this was her song as she wielded her broom:

"Oh life is a toil, and love is a trouble,
Beauty will fade and riches will flee,
Wages will dwindle and prices will double
And nothing is as I would wish it to be."

"There’s too much of worriment goes to a bonnet,
There’s too much of ironing goes to a shirt.
There’s nothing that pays for the time you waste on it,
There’s nothing that lasts us but trouble and dirt.

"In March it is mud, it’s slush in December,
The midsummer breezes are loaded with dust.
In fall the leaves litter, in muddy September
The wallpaper rots and the candlesticks rust.

There are worms on the cherries and slugs on the roses,
And ants in the sugar and mice in the pies.
The rubbish of spiders no mortal supposes
And ravaging roaches and damaging flies.

"It’s sweeping at six and it’s dusting at seven,
It’s victuals at eight and it’s dishes at nine.
It’s potting and panning from ten to eleven.
We scarce break our fast till we plan how to dine.

"With grease and with grime from corner to center,
Forever at war and forever alert.
Nor rest for a day lest the enemy enter,
I spend my whole life in the struggle with dirt.

"Last night in my dreams I was stationed forever,
On a far distant rock in the midst of the sea.
My one task of life was a ceaseless endeavor,
To brush off the waves as the swept over me.

"Alas! ‘Twas a dream-ahead I behold it,
I see I am helpless my fate to avert!"
She lay down her broom, her apron she folded.
She lay down and died and was buried in dirt.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lisa Gave me this very *NICE* award. And I Love her for it. IT has been one of those weeks that it seems impossible to be nice. My kids are sick and my baby has started walking. He actually took his very first steps right there with Lisa while we were visiting on Saturday at her BABY WATCH EARLY INTERVENTION fall social. October is early intervention month. It was great to spend time with her and with all of the parents who walk a much harder path than I. They truly are warriors in this world and will be rewarded in the next. What sweet spirits filled that room. Thank you for the Award Lisa and for the constant light you are in my life.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I have been tagged by Chronicler to do a 6 Habits/fact meme. When I am done i will tag 6 new people to share with me their own habits/facts
But First The Rules:
A. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.
B. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog

1 (fact) I have on obsession with T.V. I love the drama and fighting on the reality shows. I never miss an episode of The Office,CSI (sorry Smee), and Lockup. This list could be so much longer but I would truly embarrass myself so I have shortened it to my three favorites.

2 (habit) I am desperately trying to give up Diet coke. It really does run in my blood. My mom has been a Diet Coke head since I was a kid and I think I have seriously come to associate it with the comfort of my mom. Whenever I am stressed out or sad I go straight to the 7-11 and get a Big Huge Big gulp. I am sure the caffeine has something to do with it as well.

3 (fact) I am Deeply in love with my husband. He is the most perfect man in the world for me. He was gone for about three hours on Sat. helping a friend and I could not sleep until he got home. I miss him when he is gone and get butterflies in my tummy when he's on his way home

4 (habit) I do the same routine every morning in the shower I start with my head Shampoo and then while the conditioner sits I shave my legs and wash up and then while I rinse out the conditioner I rinse off the suds. And I finish by washing my face because I don't want to have conditioner clog my pores. I know I am a weirdo. But I know if I did not follow the pattern I would mess up my whole day.

5 (fact) I am far from the best primary secretary but I love the job. I get to know all of the kids and I also get to be in the hallways chatting with the parents I don;t feel estranged form the ward but I also get the satisfaction of having a challenging calling.

6 (habit) I am a avid journal writter so much so that I will call it a habit. I have volumes of stuff from my dad, and he was good, but I want more. So I am leaving my kids a library of information on me. And on them. I love the stories and the poems I read when I look back on where I have been .

Well that's it let the game continue with: Penders, Shinbou, Lisa, Smee, Adan, and sorry I only have five who have not already done it. Good luck to you all.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Help I need a title for this

Is it too much to ask
to just get a peak
to see into heaven
to walk on it's streets
Just a small single moment
a minute or two
just a glimpse into heaven
to see what to do

If you could walk with your father
for just a minute or two
what would you think to ask him
do you think he would give you a clue
or would his reply be this simple
just trust me I'll get you through

As long as you walk on my pathway
and try to stay in my sight
I will lovingly guide you
the end that you find will be right

Life is not always easy
in fact it seldom will be
But love and sorrow will mold you
into somebody more like me

I wrote this after reading in the Book of Mormon 1st Nephi 2:16 Nephi desires to know he mysteris of God. I have so many unanswered questions and I feel somtimes like I am screaming( I have several anger issues with my Father in Heaven that we are SLOWLY working out) for a hint of what is the right direction. Any suggestions for a titile would be appriciated, eveything I have come up with makes no sense.