Wednesday, December 31, 2008


(In know this picture has nothing to  do with the post but man she is cute!!)

Personally I am a big fan of New years Day! I have always found it interesting to "start fresh" each year. I love the feeling of making, and then keeping my New Year's resolutions. It is my favorite thing to be able to see myself stick to something, it is also one of my favorite things to give up when the time seems right. 
In past years there are things I have both given up and things that have stayed with me ever since. I gave up on not drinking caffeine after lasting like 8 months. I have stuck with speaking to my father in Heaven all day long as if he was right beside me. I gave up bearing my testimony every fast Sunday, at least in church. I still try to write it down or share it with my family but, it was weird getting up just to get up. 
It is nice to see what works and what does not. I love feeling free to change my mind or my plan with what I am comfortable with. This year I am setting new goals yet again. and they are this...
1. NO SUGAR!! 
- this is a huge one for me. As you have heard before, I am addicted. Simple as that, I don't want to feel anything has a hold on me so I am cutting it off for a while. It also can't hurt my waistline either. The hardest part will be the soda! No caffeine again??
2. I am going to prepare not only my lesson for my Sunday school class but a lesson a day every day rotating through the scriptures.
-It takes me about 2 hours to get a handle on my lessons every week, so I figure if I give myself 45 minutes a day I will learn a ton and it will be fun at the same time and I can go longer if I want to or of my children allow. 
3. Study a new area of history every month that interests me. I figure I do not know enough. I did not try to hard in school due to the fact I was trying to dance my way through life.  (Too bad no one told my feet/ankles that one) And I would like to be able to keep up when the conversation arises. I am starting with the world wars for now. 
4. This is my "free pass" the one I give myself just because I KNOW I will get it done and, that always feel good..
- I will get my grants processed and begin finishing my degree!!! YEAH!!!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Candy Day

I know my posts are all out of order but I keep thinking of things I want to share with you all. Here is our day of candy making that fell apart. We had a blast but then so did our candy. We started with english toffee, I make it every year and it is always my favorite... This year I ruined THREE batches!! My friends all say that it was the snow fall. But, who knows it was BAD!! Our toffee pull on Christmas Eve ended up being a hard candy pull. which tastes awesome but could really crack you tooth. Oh well the day we spent "trying" to make our candy was well worth the let down of the turn out. Ora wanted to help the whole time!

The boys wanted to eat. And began with Chex Mix.

Then Chocolate

Every thing was really bad so I let them all dip big marshmallows in chocolate while I did covered pretzels.

Seriously Divinity pancakes ( I just happened to be on the phone with Robyn and Bri when this one happened, they thought it was pretty funny!)

They turned out kind of funny as little "snow balls" 

Better luck next year!! But well worth he memories with my kids. 

The Festival of Trees

Joe took a week off of work at the first of December to help with the baby, and one of those days I NEEDED to leave the house so we packed up the kiddos and headed over to the festival of trees. We had never been and honestly did not really know what it was, just that it was a cheap way to spend a day out of the cold. What a great day! This was not your ordinary showing of beautiful trees. Although beauty did abound. This was spectacular, gingerbread houses lined four rows, isles and isles of wreaths (which we did not see due to screaming kids), more trees than I have ever seen in one place. All of which were being auctioned off to the highest bidder to benefit Primary Children's hospital. A place where my younger brother spent most of his childhood in and out of the nuero surgery O.R.  This is a place any child can go and receive care, weather or not they have the ability to pay. A place where you can receive the best care and be treated with kindness and respect. And now I am announcing for next years festival.. A tree for Matthew. We envision a tree full of Lego's, and airplanes and airplanes made out of Lego's, flying around it somehow. We have started by writing our letter requesting to participate and hope to hear we will be in soon! Now we just need to go shopping and get our tree. Then I will be writing to the Lego, matchbox and hot wheels company's for donations. Anyone who is interested in participating let me know. It will be an awesome way to give back to a place that has done so much for so many not just my own family (which it has helped more than words can say) but for anyone who needs them. 

Here are a few of my favorite things from our visit this year!

Okay I am not into twilight, but for those who are this tree was cool. The gifts under it were for all of the characters from the book that matched there personalities. It was pretty cool.

 The marshmallow tree, every ornament was made out of marshmallow's
A train set at the back, of course we were there for more than 10 minutes. 
PINK!! Need I say more?
This was a hand carved tree, that had marbles running through it. Seriously the coolest thing ever. The man it was made for had passed away this year and his family did this to honor his love of woodworking. 
Salt Lake Temple out of gingerbread!

I could have posted about 50 more pictures but for lack of space and a crying baby I will have to end here. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas with the Short's

Grandma Lori's Christmas Eve P.J.'s

Joe got a robe instead of P.J.'s this year 

She was too cute not to post


Christmas morning our big ticket item this year was the new chairs for family movie night. Plus The big one on the left is a new long mirror for me... FINALLY!!! 
Jordan got this fun ball from Grandma Sally
It scared him to death!! It was so funny. 
I got this bag two months ago, it has been awful waiting for her to open it.

Joe got us shoveled out, it only took and hour.
Ora needed princess hair for Kade's (our babysitter, and my 2nd cousin) house. I think she has a little crush

We had such a fun day and were so glad to be invited to my Aunt Cindy's house for dinner. It was nice to be around family. 

Thursday, December 25, 2008

What a great Day!!

As I sit hear watching my children play with their new toys, and Look over and see my sweet husband just looking on as well, I am so grateful for all I have been given. We may not have everything we want. But, who needs that. We have been so extremely blessed. My children love and know their Savior. They know he is there friend and teacher. They know where to turn for the answers to the problems they face every day. (Michael asked if an angel could come a shock Ora the other day, and was not happy when I told him that only worked for Nephi, and that Ora was not trying to kill him) 

There is a serious blizzard out my window and We are safe and warm inside our home. We are surrounded by love and happiness at every moment. All because we have a loving Heavenly Father who, if we listen to his counsel, will make our lives the best lives possible. He gave up his only begotten son to die for us. He watched him lay in a manger and be born into the world. He watched as he overcame the word and suffered for OUR sins. And he watched him die on the cross so that, if we choose, we can live with him again. And he watches us, he sends so many blessings down to us each and every day. He knows and loves me better than I do, he knows what I am capable of, and he wants all of it for me.  This day I am so thankful for my sweet family. My very own little one, and my big old huge one that I share with so many.

Have a great day everyone, I hope it does not go too fast!
Merry Christmas!!! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So late

Jordan turned two years old on Dec. 8th. We spent the day as normal and then when Joe got home we had his favorite dinner Spaghetti. Then after dinner we had Cake and Ice cream and opened his present a Big Wheel (remember those) He will fit it in about two more years. I had no idea he would not fit, oh well he loves it. And scoots just fine. 

Here's his cake it is supposed to be a steering wheel. 

And ice cream with chocolate sauce just like grandma Poff used to do!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why she may never sleep through the night on her own

And I make no apologies for loving every single minute of it!!! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I was raised by my two heros!!

I was out tonight at our Relief Society Christmas party and we had the most magical time sharing our different family traditions. By the end we were all feeling so great and on a huge spiritual high when in comes one of the ladies who had just been taking things to her car to tell us that her window was broken and so were several other cars in the lot. My relief Society presidents face went pale and she ran to her car. 

Our ward is in so much trouble his year. We have a ton of families who are just barley keeping things together and our Angel tree has been overwhelming. So much so that another ward stepped in to help us out. They brought there gifts to the church tonight and left them in her car. 

Yes they are all gone. Her window was smashed along wit 5 others and the gifts are gone. I have no words.. I do not know how low you have to sink to steal from a church!?? I called mom just to vent because I am just heart sick over this and of course she and Ness are sending what they can to help us replace the gifs. Thank you both so much. I can get some sleep tonight knowing I can at least shop and help out with this. I am so grateful for you both!!

I do not know what our ward is going to do I know this will help though. Sometimes I just wish I could give more but REALLY Joe and I have done what we could, and I know everyone in our ward is thinking the same thing. 

As I was sitting on my couch today holding my newest baby girl I took the chance to get some pictures. Which one should I put into the cute picture frame next to my bed. Thanks Tiff!!

Checking her out

Friday, December 12, 2008


I am usually not one to blog about T.V. but let me just say this. I LOVE Survivor!!! Joe will not watch it with me, so Friday mornings are my favorite. I open up the computer and ignore my kids while I watch. I have watched every season since it began and have always enjoyed it But let me just say.... This season is by far the best one ever! I am loving all of the twists and turns it has taken. The way people have learned how to play the game has been awesome. So many twists and turns, such manipulation, fake idols, good fake idols,Randy, immunity, votes, grown up people throwing better fits than my three year old girl!! So much FUN!  GO BOB and SUGAR!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello my name is Erin

I am a MAJOR sugarholic, I mean if there is sugar within my home I will sniff it out and consume it without even stopping to think about it. For example Jordan's birthday was on Mon. We had fun cake and ice cream and then everyone went to bed. I got up the next day and began just taking bites of cake whenever I would see it, This morning IT IS GONE!! This used to not be such a problem but 4 kids in 5 years has taken it's toll. And even though I am very grateful for how much weight I have not gained during this time I am not where I would like to be. So I have a goal... I am giving up Sugar for the new year!!!

I know HOLY CRAP that is a big goal!!! But, I am serious. As I get older I know there is just no way I will be able to keep up this habit and I know I will only get bigger as the years go by if I do not do something now!! So here I am I am going to go out with a bang. I do not want to punish myself through Christmas but after that, it begins. So I want all of you out there to share your favorite Holiday Goodies and let me go out with a delicious Bang!! I will really not be having sugar for a long time so I want to get it all out of my system now. Please share I will be very grateful to look back on this Christmas and think of the sugar I am sure I will be missing very much be Jan 5th!!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

We went and got our tree kind of spontaneously the other day. It was so fun, we did not plan on getting a tree but, once we decided just to look at what they had we ended up getting "our tree." We brought it home and got it in. I ended up doing more decorating than picture taking so there are not a ton of pictures but what I did get is on here.  

It is so much fun to get out all of our ornaments and remember when we got them. I have this one that I made when I was 6 or 7 and it has a picture of me in it from back then. I love showing it to my kids every year. They always get a kick out of it. Joe and I both still have our first baby ornaments and we have a new ornament for every year we have been together. We get the kids a new one every year and it is really one of my favorite parts of Christmas. We also have our shot gun shell lights which are awesome!! Joe got them on his mission from a lady who seriously sells them out of her front yard. When they light up they are so pretty, and during the day when you see them they are just plain funny! I love our tree!! And isn't our little angel for the top perfect.

Sunday, December 07, 2008


This is him! Need I say more? 

But I will, my little angel boy will be two tomorrow! He was such a sweet little angel baby, he came out of me knowing he was the third baby, and in a time when life for our family was not as peaceful as I would have liked, he brought calm to our home. And two years later he is the chaos. Life for us has calmed but this boy may just always need to be the opposite of whatever the world around him is. He refuses to talk and we have been in battle about it for a few weeks now. I know he can speak and he is just refusing to do it. The tantrums have come in full force and so have the frequent trips to the bed with loving words spoken "Come out when you are calm" He climbs up and down my furniture and I know he is waiting to break his leg until Jan 1st because our deductible is met for this year.  He has stabbed my couch with the the bread knife while I was in the bathroom (now he comes or I hold it) He's tried to "play" baseball with Abby. And was heartbroken when I told her She doesn't play! We end the days exhausted and he wakes screaming (he gets that from me) But then when I feel I can take no more he does something like this....

Last night the boys went to bed fighting. Michael and Jordan both sleep on the bottom bunk in their bedroom and sometimes they disagree on who gets what blanket or who gets to have a drink first. Last night about five minutes after they had calmed down a little I heard a horrible scream coming from the bedroom. I went in to find Jordan with a bright red cheek and Michael (the most honest kid on the planet) explaining why he had bite his brother. No excuses held up and he had his silky blanket and his Mickey Mouse taken away. When Michael feels what he has done was justified he gets heartbroken and just does not understand. I did my best to tell him that no matter what Jordan had done he was never allowed to punish him because it is my job to take care of that stuff. So I left the room with  him lightly sobbing into his pillow and my heart aching for him as I closed the door. Then after watching a movie with Joe I was headed to bed and went in to check on my kids. I opened the door and found Jordan sleeping with his arm wrapped over his big brother and his silky covering them both. He had comforted and shared his most prized possession with the brother who had gotten his taken away. And not just that, he needed to comfort the boy who not a few minutes before had bite his cheek so hard it was still red this morning. 
I guess I can get through the chaos just to see how this man turns out. 
Happy birthday Baby!!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Michael's Turn

Another one I just have to share!  We took our kids to IHOP yesterday to end Dads vacation week properly. It was so much fun, we talked about all the things we did this week and decided what we would do for the last day. we ate pancakes and drank diet coke (well at least I did) So so so fun. When the waiter brought the check I got out my wallet and my coupon and Michael said "Whatcha doin mom?" I told him I needed to pay the bill, to which he replied with an extremely puzzled look.... "Isn't that Grandma's job?"
Proof that we need to get out more and not just when we have company who loves to spoil us all rotten. 
However if anyone is interested in taking over this job let me know the position has been officially opened! No Grandmahood required though spoiling tendencies are helpful.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Shopping with the Short's

What do the Shorts do when Joe takes vacation?? We go to the new Smiths marketplace where we have heard they have kid size shopping carts. Seriously, we had so much fun. We were there for over two hours just wandering through the isles. Michael and Ora got to push their own carts and it was so fun to watch them pick up the things we needed and put them in their "own" carts to buy. 

Showing Michael the Fish

This was right before Ora decided to pick up a case of Heinekin and put it into her cart when I told her she could pick out her own drink. In the future I will remember the beer on the left Soda on the right.

Jordan was good, I will admit I expected him to freak out because he did not get to push his own cart but he was happy to sit and watch. (Yes, we did get a tree to but I will post that tomorrow)

Checking out. They would not let me help them. We almost had problem with the soda but Michael was able to help Ora out.  

Racing to the car..... Don't worry I have Abby in my sling not in the tipped over car seat.