Tuesday, August 03, 2010


This last week we started school. Michael began First grade and Ora started Kindergarten a few days later. It has been pulling at my heart strings to see my little family going on and expanding further than our own walls.

Here he is at the doorstep. Wearing the shirt he picked out at Target for this day. I can see my Dad and brother smiling down proudly at him wearing his Star Wars t-shirt!

Him and trees for the first day, So funny! Last year he could not have climbed up this far and it was fun to see how he has grown!

Again he would not let me walk him up he walked away from the car all on his own!

And then he was gone ALL DAY! I was not sure we wold make it through, but we did! He came back at the end of the day and was with us once again. He was so cute and he had such a great day! His teacher was awesome and she took such great care of him. She tested him on his reading and he was further along than we thought he was! She sent him home with some harder work and he was so excited to read it. He was so proud I asked him after school where he thought he was in reading adn he said he hoped he was at an I and when I told him he was at a J he went staight on to tell me he will be at a Z by the end of the year! I bet he will be too!

Ora began Kindergarten today and she was so cute, we got her ready and dressed in her sute minnie mouse shirt and we went outside to take her picture. She climbed straight into the tree. I started laughing and she just sat there proudly, just like her big brother!!

He has been so proud of her! She fit right under Michael's wing and he lead her into school. He id not let her go till we were safely on the playground.
She kind of left me behind and went straight into the playground. And when I called her to take her picture she realized she forgot somthing...
I got my hug!!
She had a great first day Wehn I asked her if she had a great time she looked up at me and without any hesitation said "Mom, the bathrooms are fabulous!" I guess it was everything she wanted it to be!
Even piggy was proud of her!
I am such a lucky mom to be able to share these precious moments with these kids! I would not miss them for the world!!