Friday, October 31, 2008

My baby is 5 today

This picture was taken when he was 16 months old and I still love it today! I cannot believe he is five years old. When he was born the first thing I said when I saw him was "Man he is old" I know he has been waiting for a very long time to take his turn on earth. I knew it from the moment I first looked at him. I could feel his soul, so much older than mine staring straight through me. My mom and I both looked at each other and said man, he is going to be a challenge. He has been. He hated being a baby! I have never seen such and angry baby as he was. I think he just could not handle the lack of control he felt inside that new body he did not understand. He cried from the day he was born until the day he walked at 8 months old. And I am not kidding if he was not eating, and even then not always he was not happy. In fact one day I turned on the vacuum and just let it run so he would calm down. I must have just passed out completely Because I woke up (who know how much later) to my vacuum on fire in the middle of the living room. And once I got it out he woke up and screamed some more. The first time he slept for more than 45 minutes was when he was 6 months old. He fell asleep in my favorite chair while I was cleaning up his room. I left him there, again fell asleep on the couch and woke up 3 hours later sure he was dead. I ran as fast as I could to his room and there he was still asleep he slept another 3 hours and did not do it agin till he was 9 months old, when he finally slept all night. Again I thought he was dead for sure. 
Today he is five and still a challenge every day. He has taught himself how to read and now has to stop and read everything. He sucks up knowledge like you would not believe, in fact he came up to me yesterday and told me how he learned the vowels on Seaseme street. One episode and he knows them all and that "if two vowels go a walking the first one does the talking" I am sure I knew that rule but, he taught it to me. 
I know for a fact he will some day soon invent a "machine" (as he calls it) that will clean his room for him. He will get a microscope and a telescope and "his life will be perfect." What five year old wants to cut bug in half and put them under a microscope? He does not buy, the Santa Clause thing and I am sure he will tell his friends all about how we just pretend for fun. Because he learned no one can live in the north pole. (this is getting long)

I will end with, how much I love this kid! I tell him everyday how glad I am he was my first baby, And I really am. No other person could have prepared me for him. He is so special, he loves his sister and brother, and swears he will learn to love Abby, as soon as he gets to meet her. But "Jordan will be her best friend" He is absolutely fabulous! The best Biggest kid a family could ask for. 
Happy Birthday BUG!!! I love you!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not only are the streets no longer safe

Look out for our craziest driver in the skies.......

Since I was little my younger brother would stop everything he was doing when an airplane flew over head. He would say to all of us, Oh it's a Delta, or Southwest, or Hawaiian.. We did not care but boy oh boy did he. He plastered his walls in pictures of air force planes. He took everything he could find apart so that he could learn how it worked. he built and unbuilt all of his cars. And he did all of this while in and out of twenty + brain and abdominal surgeries. He practically spent all his time at primary children's hospital or in bed with headaches you could never imagine. In fact, the time he spent in the hospital were good for him because he got to get away from the headaches for a little while.  He got discouraged as much as any other kids would but for the most part he held his head high and showed off his scares with pride. Even after he was sent home from his mission to endure yet another surgery, he stayed strong. But during that surgery he was given an anti Seizure medication "just in case" he never had a seizure. 

Last year he and his wife moved to Florida to pursue his dream, to be a pilot, the air force was out of the question but a commercial pilot was with in reach. So he packed up his brand new wife and moved across the country. When he went to apply he expected to be accepted right away just to be turned down. Not from having his hacked into twenty times but, from the anti seizure meds. He fought to prove he had never had a seizure, but the road was long and the pressure to just give up and do something else was great. I even said to him more than once. "Go to school while you are doing this, then if it doesn't work out you will be ready." He did finally decide he would do just that and started a few months ago to get ready to get his paramedic licence. Then yesterday I got a phone call... HE GOT APPROVAL!! 
To a boy who never gave up to a man who knew what he wanted and GOT it!! I love you so very much and could not be more proud of you. You will be great at this, you are awesome!! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The invisible woman! AKA mom


Thank you to everyone who sweated this out with me today! I just heard from Joe and at least for now things look good for him. No one in our area was laid off. But 98 other people in Las Vegas, Pheonix, and California were not so lucky. My heart aches for them and for all of the other people all over the country who are afraid. We are not out of the woods, there is still a long way to go before the whole country comes out of this "dip" or whatever they are calling it. And the construction industry is really hurting. I don't feel 100% safe, and how sad is that. I have a husband who goes to work everyday and works hard for a company he has been with for 6 years and I still am worried that we could loose everything in the blink of an eye. 

How fast things can change! I really do feel so sad for all of the people in this country who are not as lucky as I was today. Here in Salt Lake the homeless shelters are filled and overflowing, I know the people in them are families who are just like mine. Good, hard working, regular folks who have had to suffer from this downward spiral WE are ALL on. Weather we feel it or not we are all sliding down. 
I hope we can all come together and make better decisions for our futures. Once again I am drawn to the gospel even more, how blessed I am to know that I have a family who I know would come through for me. I have a husband who would work ten jobs and go with no sleep to support this family, and if he really could fin nothing.. I could go and live with any of them and they would take me in and help us for as long as they could. How blessed I am to know that as I cling to the core of the gospel I will be taken care of always. We will be okay even if we have to go to a shelter or live in a box, we will still read our scriptures and say our prayers and teach our children that the Lord will take care of us. We would pay our tithing on the pennies we found in the gutter if we had to. I know this would never happen but, I do know it is what I would do. How grateful I am that I do know that!! I know as long as I know this anything can be overcome and be made for my good!

Once again thank you to everyone who said prayers for my family today I know this has opened my eyes to see that I need to be praying for all those out there who are not as lucky as I was today!

What Economy??

It came down today! Sunstate the, company Joe works for, will be joining the ranks of so many others. Today begins layoffs and then the canceling of all Christmas parties and retreats planned for the near future. 

I have no idea what this will mean for our family. We have been doing so much better with our money lately but are no where near ready for Joe to be out of work. It looks good for him, He has been with his job for 6 years, he does the best job of any of the driver here. He knows the rules, has never had a ticket, accident, or complaint against him.  Which for a guy who drives all day every day says a ton. I am hoping the company will overlook the fact that he is the highest paid and realize he is the best guy to keep around. I guess we shall see. I can honestly say I have never been so worried than I am right now. I know we will survive, we have and will continue to survive. 
What is so funny about this is that it still does not make me want to vote. I have (seriously for the first time in my life) no clear choice to make. I do not believe for a second that anyone who gets this job will be able to turn things around before it gets far worse for everyone.  
But, at least I have one more reason to hold strong to the core values of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe we are guided by a true and loving Father in Heaven, he has warned all of us that this was coming. And he has helped us know how to prepare to overcome when it does come our way. Please say a little prayer for me and my Joe, yes he does not  love his job, but we need him to keep it.

Monday, October 27, 2008



Ora was tagged by her Aunt!

Everything you ever wanted to know about Ora Dawn Short....

Name and meaning: My first daughter has been Ora Dawn since I was like 12 or something. My Grandparents on my moms side are Ora and Donald Latimer and they are my rock! The day I figured I could turn both there names into one it was set. Truly anyone who has every met these two know how extremely special they are. Grandpa worked harder than anyone I know to raise his family and Grandma did as well. Together they had 9 daughters and a son. They brought these kids up to be the best they could be. When they were done raising there own children and enjoying the joy of grand parenthood tragedy struck. My mom lost her husband and oldest son to a car accident. Needless to say... THEY STEPPED UP BIG TIME. While my mom had to go back to work Grandma was there. When we moved to Las Vegas they followed shortly behind and were never very far away. Days I was sick were spent on grandmas couch eating all kinds of get well food. And I will admit I had grandpa's hibobolobous a few times just to eat! For about a year and a half Grandpa and I used to walk and talk early in the morning. He would tell me stories all about him and his life. I got to know and love him even more. 
I will make what is already a long story a little less long and say I was worried this name would be taken long ago I have almost 100 cousins and was sure someone else had figured this out by now. But she was a girl and the name was pegged down. It was mine. I went to grandma's house and told her the news "Don't do that, I just do not like my name" I could have burst into tears. I did not want to go against Grandma but I really wanted the name. So Grandma and I agreed she could be Lora Dawn. She was born and named and beautiful. Then about a month later we went to bless her and my husband spent the whole morning in dread! He did not want to offend Grandma but he just could not bring himself to name her Lora, when she is clearly Ora. 
So there you have Ora Dawn Short. If translated to Latin Ora - to pray, Dawn- the morning So She is to say :: a short prayer in the morning!

Age: 3 years 9 months

Nicknames : Dad calls her Donald, I call her Ora, Jordan calls her Ra, She titles herself Queen!

Favorite activities: Singing time with the family, Ballet time with mom, Painting, Dress up, Nail polish (is this really my child) make up, Hair do's... Seeing a pattern. She has taught me how to be a girly girl on a whole new level.

Favorite Foods: Salad!! She had this for breakfast yesterday *GROSS*, soup, carrots, celery, candy. cold I mean COLD , or Hot I mean HOT water.

Least favorite foods: The only thing she has ever turned down is tomatoes.

Favorite music: Her song is "I always have to steal my kisses from you" Smee gave me this on a CD I have no idea who sings it. She loves anything she can groove to. And of course songs from the LDS Children's songbook.

Favorite toys: Pony's, Dress up's. 

Favorite Books: How the Grinch stole Christmas, I love Ballet.

Favorite item of clothing: Anything with princesses on it. Anything pink. 

What makes her happy: 1.When my brothers be nice I love it. Daddy when we wash the dishes. 3. When you(mom) make popcorn I  happy a long time.

What makes her sad: When Michael do a bad thing I am sad. When Jordan Bite me. 

I tag Smee (your oldest boy,) if you want, I know you treasure your privacy! Rachel, on Rachel!!
The 1st daughter's Jace

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Funny Kids

About a year ago my husband and I decided that we would no longer have any T.V. (except for church movies) on Sunday as a way to be more reverent. So most Sunday's involve some sort of sing song. We pull out the children's songbook and sing. But, today Jordan was a little (okay allot) grumpy so I started by doing "wheels on he bus" and we progressed from there. We sang every wiggle song you ever learned in primary.  I taught him the Alligator song and he went nuts, we sang it like ten times before I decided we needed to get it on video. Then of course it went on again from there! Everyone had to have there own song on a video. And I have put them all up here.

I had to do it. Mostly for grandparents to be able to see. So for those of you who do not have the patience to see my kids singing for the next five minutes skip this post. It will not hurt my feelings at all.  But, if you do watch remember this was totally spur of the moment my kids are as they are. No dressing up for the camera. They are proof of this in the second video when you get a booger eat a diaper grab and a butt pick all in one video.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Getting DONE!!

I swear the last bit of being pregnant is the worst. I have been so done for a while lately and I am trying to stay positive and just enjoy the process this time. But then I thought I need you guys to keep me sane. I am such a bad mom when I am pregnant. Not because I am mean or anything to my kids but, because I cannot do anything with them. it seems like the minute I get pregnant I throw up and then do not stop for ten months. 

This time I have been able to stay off of some of the horrific medication that I have been on in the past. A few I.V.'s some meds, but suffering through is what I have chosen to do instead. And I have done it. I am proud that I have done it. With the help of my wonderful husband we have come through this and even have managed to gain a little weight! (which in itself is a huge blessing) I have been taken care of by my man in a way that has brought us so close. I thought I could not love him more but, with each day he shows me how much more love my heart is capable of. He really has brought me through this. 
I don't want anyone to think I am not grateful.. I am!! I truly am! 

BUT.... I am so DONE! I don't know if I can survive even one more day of my kids not having the mom they deserve. I can't play with them, I can not bathe them, we can't do all of the things they are used to doing with me. I miss them so much and I know they miss me. If I have to say "Mommy just can't today" and hear "because you sick with a baby in your belly" I swear I will not stop crying until I deliver. Even as I type this Ora is crying in the background because she wants Daddy and mommy can do nothing to make her feel better. 

So heres what I need from you all! If I ever say that I am baby hungry again, and am thinking of having another one, please help me remember why I Can't!! There is just no way I can do this to my family again. I have prayed and prayed and I know we are done, I know this now, in the throws of all of this but I am worried that in a year that I will think "hey it wasn't that bad."  But I am letting all of you know, Yes, it was that bad. My kids have suffered, my husband has suffered, and I am sure my body suffers. And there is just no way I can do this again, Michael will remember this one. In a year he starts school and how would I get him there if I can't drive. How could I help him with his homework. I couldn't! So please if you ever here me say "I think I could do it again" You say "Yes, Erin you could. Your kids could not! You have four babies to take care of now. They do not deserve to loose there mother even for just 10 months. "
Thanks for letting me share everyone. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New blog!!!


I happened upon a new blog yesterday and I have just got to share. This girl has shared her love of coupons and frugal shopping with all of us. She is inspiring and so very helpful. I strongly suggest you go and check it out.  The link is on the side of my page. 

Anyone who knows me knows how stinkin cheap I am. I never pay full price for anything. I would never buy a new car unless I can pay cash for it, I do not have even a single credit card. I owe no one and have nothing new! And I love it. I clip coupons and shop sales and plan, plan, plan. But this chick has inspired me to up my game. So I am launching a new way of spending and will keep you all updated on how it goes. I so strongly encourage everyone to try it. Why on earth would you spend money that you don't have to.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Leaves are falling

How fun was Saturday!! We not only found Abby's car seat (now she could really come any time) But we found some of those orange Jock-o-lantern trash bags. I got to take about a million pictures of the kids and Joe filling the bags with leaves. My kids played for about an hour and would have kept on going if the sun was not going down and bedtime was approaching rapidly. It was so much fun!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Abigail has a bed!!

She needed somewhere to sleep, and all I had was my old boys bedding so I decided to head out and get some fabric and just make something, seeing as I was not willing to spend the $40 plus dollars on a bumper and sheet set. I covered Jordan's old bumper and made a new sheet. I got the flannel for less than $15.00. My only set back is that I underestimated the amount of fabric I would need for the bumper and ended up putting in the red patch with her name on it made out of one of my old tee shirts and some embroidery floss. All in all don't look close but, I love it! And boy is it so stinkin soft! So one more thing down, her clothes from ebay, all her 0-3 stuff for $30.00,  are in the mail and her car seat, yet to get but mom wants to do it so we are waiting on that one. but I am about ready for her to show up!!  And let me just add while I am tooting my little spending horn,that I got that crib at a yard sale for $20.00 when Michael was born. Holly cow am I a cheapskate or what. 

Sunday, October 12, 2008

For Robyn

Aunt Robyn over at Food Chronicles shared my Great Grandmothers Goulash recipe with us last week. I had to try it, I cannot remember ever eating it before. My mom said she made it for us but for some reason it is not in my memory. Oh well, I gave it a go tonight to break our fast Sunday with. ( I should say Joe's fast Sunday being pregnant means I do not fast for a while still) Let me say I am a HUGE fan of goulash! Who knew??? Thank you for sharing it with me. The thought of Dad eating this with my Aunts made it even more special!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sorry so late

I was going to finish with conference and then I got so stinkin sick that I have no been blogging so I will just finish my conference posts by saying. I love the gospel. I love that twice a year the whole church gathers together to listen to direct guidance for our day. I believe that the Lord does truly speak to the leaders of our church and we are instructed fro our day! Man, I love the gospel!!!

Now on to other things less important but fun all the same..
I have been tagged for and 8 things meme,
8 T.V. shows I love to watch:
1. The office!!
2. Little house on the prairie
3. Bones
4. Law and order (all of them)
5. House
6. Survivor
7. Brady Bunch
8. Keeping up appearances

8 things that happened yesterday:
1. Found clothes for baby Abby online 
2. Talked to my mom who made me feel special!! (thanks mom)
3. watched my kids turn pillowcases into toys when they lost there toy room privileges
4. layed on the couch (I am getting really sick of this one)
5. Made dinner
6. cuddled with Joe for Comedy night done right!!
7. Got sad Kath and Kim was lame!
8. worked on my Sunday School lesson 

8 favorite places to eat
2. Olive Garden (soup, salad, and bread sticks anyone??)
3. Micky-dees (gross I know)
4. Wingers
5. Sonic (but really just to drink)
6. Costco ( 7 bucks to feed the fam, not to shabby)
I am such a dork, I have no idea, I guess I don't get out enough!!

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. Delivery of Abby!!! 1 month people!!!
2. Joe getting a truck, I would love to have my van back
3. Christmas
4. Blessing Abby in Vegas!!!
5. Some day Joe being home more
6. Seeing Michael actually build a robot to clean his room (I bet he will do it someday)
7. Going on a mission with Joe
8. Buying our dream R.V. and showing my kids the country!

8 things on my wish list:
1. Disneyland with the whole Pender clan
2. a new couch
3. A house that is mine
4. New scriptures
5.  post baby Shopping spree
6. My mom being closer (one of us would have to move, head or tails mom )
7. A maid
8. my old wedding ring back!

So this proves I am a seriously boring person. Holy cow how lame am I!!
I don't tag anyone but if you have not done it, do. It would be fun to read!!