Thursday, May 31, 2007


Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Guess what today is!! It is the IKEA grand opening her in Draper!!! I can not wait because not only am I getting to get my kids there bunk beds. They have been in a tent for about a month, but craigs list is going crazy with people making room for new IKEA stuff I have been collecting free stuff from all over all week! I got my kids closet re organized with real dressers. Today I am going to pick up a new bookshelf that doubles as a dollhouse for the toy room!! Thank you IKEA!!

Monday, May 21, 2007


I went over to flickr and put the word crazy into the search and her is what I got 345,381 pictures matching that description! How fun is that. I am not able to go many places right now, with one child attached right to my body most of the time and two more pulling at my legs I dont have much of the desire needed to vetnure very far. SO here I was wanting to see something new and BOY DID I EVER! Smee and Chronicler, the cats are for you. Lisa the two leaps of faith are for you. The tree is for Dad, for some reason he loved trees, and that has to be the best one I have seen in a while.

The rest are just for fun. I hope to give all of you somthing to smile at! Have a CRAZY day. Go do somthing fun!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Still CRAZY but kicking just the same!!!!

This picture just matched the mood I am in today!! It has nothing to do with my news! However freedom has returned to my world I feel as if I have been putting my whole life on hold for the past few months. I love blogging but have not been able to do it lately with all of the things going on here in my small little world that I love. I have decided that I was not a very good mom! Sure My kids went to bed at night still breathing and that counts for something. But I realized that my son is 3 years old and I sort of missed it, I have been so stressed about being the every thing mom that I have not been able to see who he is and get to know him. I spent years living behind a camera which in turn has given us some pretty cute scrapbooks but I am not in them! I realized that I want to be in them! So here I was trying to earn extra money that we really don't need by babysitting and I was so much more stressed out by the extra that I gave it up and for the past couple of weeks I have been playing with my children. We have painted and read stories and listened to an album I got from my husband for Christmas that My dad liked and I think at least for the time being I have found some happiness! I love playing! And there is nothing wrong with playing now and cleaning later!! I think I was meant to be raised by a flower child even if he has come to me late in life I am discovering my father through reading the words he wrote. He was a true soul man. He wrote what he felt and pulled no punches. And, although he was a stern critic of himself he left behind his drafts. I think I have uncovered his thought process and I hope to be able to get his work published someday!! I think if I were raised with him closer I would have unleashed my inner self much sooner. I think he would have brought out the spirit inside of me long ago, I sometimes wonder where I would be if he had been able to let me run wild with him by my side!
He comes to me now late at night when I least expect it. I feel him watching over me as I study the words of the savior. He bring me little moments of tender hugs while I dream and I love him for it. He is my soul mate The Father who even when I feel we have been torn apart is still very near to me. I love the Gospel and the fact the I know I will be able to get to know him for who he really if not just who I imagine him to be.
So here I am back on my journey I hope you all will come along and let me send My thoughts back out to the few people who are out there!!