Friday, January 30, 2009

Modern Blessings

     Yesterday afternoon I started to feel a little badly, my throat started to hurt and I started to get a headache. I kept feeling a little bit worse all evening. By the time my kids were in bed My head was pounding and I was feeling dizzy. The baby took a while to get to sleep and I was sobbing by the time I finally collapsed into bed. I just hate feeling sick. It does not happen to me, (unless I am pregnant, I know LOL, I've been pregnant for the past 5 years) not even a cold for a long time. I am SO not good at being sick. In fact I am a bigger baby than most men, I can give my husband a run for his money. The problem is I do it in my head. I don't complain to him, or really anyone, I will say I don't feel good but I don't ask for help I just stew in my own head and expect everyone I know to drop everything they are doing and come running soup in hand. Yes, even those of you who live thousands of miles away. Didn't you sense I needed someone to come hold my baby last night? 

I know I am ridiculous!!! So funny, but I am serious I do really expect soup from everyone without them even knowing I am under the weather..... and I get upset when no one shows up. I know I am a drama queen. 
So the end of the story is this. I sat in misery all morning. I just spent the morning laying on the couch (waiting for my soup to show up) when it hit me. Like a THUNDERBOLT!! Hello smart people invented an amazing little pill that you can swallow and make everything all better. So yes, I packed up my kids and headed out to the store, picked up my pills and swallowed. Now it is 4 hours later. I still do not feel great. But, I just thought I would let you know that you are all off of the hook. Joe is bringing home soup and putting me to bed early. No more pity party because I let Joe know FINALY that I needed him and he of course is rising to the occasion. I have figured out that telepathy is not going to work for me so I will be better at letting people know when I need them. And I will remember the little orange and blue pills more quickly next time. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Keep me in motion

Stop the world from turning

long enough for me to catch my breath
I'm caught up in a whirl wind
Wondering if the storms will ever rest
the road is long and it's worth to much
to let it slip away
give me strength to give me one more day

Keep me in motion 
like the the river to the sea
give me devotion
to live more faithfully
when I'm up against the wall
when I stumble and I fall down on my knees
Oh please
keep me in motion 

This path that I have chosen 
is harder than I thought that it would be
but all along the journey I feel the hand of heaven
Guiding me

This song continues and I cry a little bit. This is the way I feel lately. I just can't seem to feel as if I can get around the bend in the road. The hard days just keep on coming and I feel like I will never see the end. Somedays are better but most days lately feel long. And it is not just me, it seems as if everyone I love is falling through the same hole. The trials keep piling up and the end is just not in sight. But, I do feel the hand of heaven in my life. I know that the lord loves and watches over me. The Savior has felt everything I am feeling and is wiling to take it from me if I give it over to him, so that is what I will do. I will give it all over to him. I will trust in his care and continue on his path for me. I know he will guide me to me very best life. Even if it is just not as fast as I would like it to be. 

Friday, January 23, 2009


Finally, I was on my last load of laundry today and there it was next to my washing machine. The cord for my camera. I have been so excited to share what I was up to before I left town to bless Abby. So here are my latest projects....

I made this bow holder for Ora after I got really annoyed searching through a bin for bows. I just took an expanded shelf type frame and added ribbons to hang her bows on. And now that we have a baby I needed a spot for headbands?? I attached two looped ribbons and a wooden rod and now I don't have to waist time searching, I can waist it doing fun hair instead. 

My Aunt Lora had a measuring stick like this with her family and I have always wanted one. When I realized Michael was 5 years old and I still hadn't done it I figured I better before it was too late. So off to lowe's to by a 4x2 by like 6 1/2 piece of pretty wood. I brought it home and marked the measuring tape then just added some cute little wooden guys to give it some pazzaz. Now wherever we move our kids growing notches will follow us.  

Now for the BIG ONE. I had a friend in my ward mention that she had a dresser that was in pretty bad shape but, worked still and would anyone be able to use it. OF COURSE I will take anything so I went and picked it up. It was not as bad as she made it out to be. I wish I had thought to take a before picture. (sorry) Just an older particle board dresser. with a plastic top that had a dent in it. I could not refinish it because sanding was not an option. So I brought out the Modge Podge and some scrape book paper and went to work.  I did sand it down a little so the modge podge would adhere and so I could kind of white wash it. I was not sure if it would work but as you can see it did. 

At first I thought I would replace the handles but, after I dipped them in glitter there was no turning back.
 I hand ripped the edge of the paper so it did not have to be perfect I think I turned out so cute, I hope it lasts for a very long time. 


These are my grandparents. The most beautiful people I have ever known. They raised nine daughters and one son. And those children in turn produced 55 children who are now way into the 20's producing children. We had a family reunion about 4 years ago and I was so excited to go. I was very pregnant with Ora but, happily... fat and happy! So we packed up and headed to St. George to have our fun. Then I got the flu. I spent the whole reunion in the hotel room and even a few hours in the hospital because I got so dehydrated I was having contractions. I could not believe I missed it. About a year ago I suggested we have another one. And the response I received was "If you plan it we will come." Once again sick and pregnant I kind of let it go. But, now here I am all ready to go again. I have a date, now a location, and invites have been made up. (I am having my mom approve them before  I send them out) Now I need to plan what we will do once all of us get there. 
In thinking about it. I have concluded that is would sure be a waist if we got together and did not talk about the savior and is eternal plan for the family. So I have settled on having a Family Home Evening one night and a talent show he next. But now what do I fill the two days with?? I have heard some suggestions for workshops and things but I am taking all advice..... 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For my own good

As for my trip and the dresser pictures I will be doing that when I find the cord to my camera. Pray I find it I have so many pictures on my camera I can't wait to share! 

But, I am so happy to share this story with you all. Two years ago a day like to day would have broke me down to tears but not today!

Today I am happy I'm doing okay
Even if bad news came running my way
The check cleared the bank for someone unintended 
The Landlord called saying it needs to be mended.

I knew some mean people are out and about
But, I didn't know to be on the lookout.
Two years ago to my bed would I run
I'd call up my mom, break down and just bum!

Today I just answered him back let me see
Called up the bank, got them working for me
Funds are now frozen investigating getting done
Not a tear being shed NOT A SINGLE ONE!!

This last week in gospel doctrine we read about Joseph Smith in Liberty jail. Having been torn from his family and thrown into a prison  that was a filthy hole in the ground. During this time he calls out to God and pretty much says "why me" and the Lord answers him saying No matter what you are called to go through I will make you stronger for it, because the son of God has felt everything you have felt. He knows what you are going through and he can help you to be stronger because of it. In section 122 of the Doctrine and Covenants the Lord lists things that he could be called to go through. He says if you are torn from your son at the point of a sword and he is calling out to you the whole while, if you are accused and tormented and dragged around like a lamb being chased by wolves, he knows it all. Vs. 8 says "The Son of man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than he." (vs.7) "all these things shall be for thy experience , and shall be for thy good."

Now I am not comparing myself to Joseph Smith, but I have come today to be extremely grateful for what I have been asked to go through these past few years. Let me just say that the downturn of the financial market has not left me and my family out. We have seen a few stormy days. And we have come through them all a little bit stronger than we were before. So today when I got the call saying that it was not my landlord who cashed my rent check, but some creepy person who thinks nothing of others. And hopefully really needed this money. Seriously I can not see how my rent was worth that sin.... Oh well, I am so proud to say I did not freak out just mended it and moved on. And yes I am very grateful to the landlord who is going to let me break up rent for this and next month over a few weeks until the bank can get the money back where it belongs.
 I am so happy to know that I have a Father in Heaven and a Savior who love me and they know what is best for me. Even if it sucks at the time, even if I tend to get on my knees and complain a little too much. They have a perfect plan in an imperfect world. And they are making me into who I am destined to be. I only hope I can live up to there expectations. 

Friday, January 09, 2009


Just a quick note to say SEE YA!! I am outa hear in a few hours to go see my family in Vegas! I have some great projects to post when I get back. That is if I can find the cord to my camera?!?! I refinished a super cute dresser for  my girls, I will give you a taste... The knobs are dipped in glitter!!! And I fixed my girls hair bow holder, to make room for Abby's headbands. Then I made this really great measuring stick thing, that I will use to mark my kids as they grow up! So fun. But, for now I have to finish packing and cleaning, and not stressing out about the snow over the passes. and stop my baby from crying, and fix lunch, clean the car out, get board bags packed...... Okay what am I doing blogging, like I said


Monday, January 05, 2009

Service MeMe

Smee has tagged me with an interesting idea. To write about a time I received service, A time I gave service and, a time I witnessed service being given. WoW! What a task. And what a fun idea. First off let me just say how much I love that Smee thought of me, she is seriously one of my favorite people in the world and her thinking of me to do this is an honor I am most willing to accept. Seriously Love you Smee!!

Growing up the way I did my family was constantly served by others. Be it the clothes we wore, I can think of outfits (mostly P.J.'s) that went through one of  my dear cousins then through all 3 girls at my house and then on t0 Aunt Nancy's kids and then again onto Lidz Loo. We all have pictures and it is so fun to remember the clothes. 
We stayed in a beautiful home for 18 months while a couple served there mission, it was so fun the whole house was still stuck in the late 60's. Cristen and I slept in a pink room,no kidding, pink shag carpet, hot pink walls, pink and orange and white flowered bedspreads. Ness slept in a yellow room with the most beautiful bead, we were all jealous. It had a net all the way round just like a princess would have. My moms room was yellow, the kitchen was lime green (tile, counter, appliances, the wallpaper had limes on it, and the lime tree was right out on the patio) Oddly enough Matthew slept in a blue, very normal room, with a handmade bed that had little cubby's all over it. You could hide things all around it and no one would no where they were. The white room was a room we were not allowed because of the beauty in there. And of course we did wander in there to touch the grand piano when no one was looking. The jungle room was fabulous, And the game room with it's purple pool table and coke machine was a must . 
I know my Uncles, Aunts, and Grandparents have stepped up many times to help out, I am sure I would never even be able to count all of the things my family has done for me! 
But my favorite service I ever had done to me was when we woke up Christmas morning one year to find new handmade quilts on our front porch! We all think that one of my Aunts (the bishops wife at the time) had mentioned that we could use them and the ward just got to work. We are no sure of where they came from but, that is our guess. I love thinking that someone thought to make me my sunflower quilt. They thought about it. They could have just gone to the fabric store and bought whatever was on sale but, they picked out a fabric they knew I would like. They did the same thing for all of us my mom included. The quilts were beautiful but the thought was what was the most special part of it. 

This past Christmas I got to watch as so many others came together to help out my ward here. I have been able to both participate and watch! When I plucked a few things off of the angel tree in the foyer I didn't hesitate because I do it every year. It is just a part of Christmas time for me and my family. But, when the gifts that another ward had donated to ours were stolen right out of the church parking lot, then it got personal. I felt this very deeply and had to work very hard at not allowing Satan to seep into my head and make me so mad it would ruin Christmas for me. I called up my mom in tears and tried to explain what had happened. And without so much as skipping a beat she donated a Christmas gift she and her husband had received in the form of cash to me and my ward. Then after we had hung up she called back a few minutes later and told me that My sister and her husband would like to hep out as well. So I waited a few days and when the money came I got to work. I was able to go and shop and replace ALL of the gifts that were stolen. After I was done shopping and while I was wrapping presents I got a call from my Brother's wife and she said she and Matt would like to help out as well. So we were able to go above and beyond the call asked and help out the ward that this year was in such need. 

So there you have it, my family and I have been able to come full circle. We have enjoyed the closeness we felt in coming together this year to help out others when we ourselves were brought together through the service of others so many years ago. 
Thank you Smee again, this was such fun!!
I tag Shinboo!! and Sarah(sorry she's private)!, and Bri
And anyone else who would like to continue on this journey!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Vegas BABY

YEAH!!! I get to go home in one week and you all are invited!! We are blessing Abby, on Jan 10th at 2 o'clock at my sis's house in Henderson. My little bro. Matthew and his fun wife are going to be visiting that weekend so we figured why wait, if we go down now Matt can be in the circle and who knows when we will all be able to be together with that flyboy again?!? So I am officially inviting EVERYONE, wouldn't it be nice. Come on now... I know you all can just drop everything and drive to see me and my family for three hours and then drive back home! RIGHT!!!  We are well worth it!! (isn't my modesty charming?) Well, those of you nearby, you better be there. And those far away, I will be missing you so think of us at 2 o'clock on Jan 10th!!