Thursday, March 10, 2011

Let Christmas be over!

Just in time for Easter!??
Oh well, even if I'm late we had such a great Christmas in 2010 that I could not simply ignore it. I made our pj's this year! Which was awesome!! I loved it! My mom usually buys Christmas Eve Jammies for all my kids and this year she came up in enough time to come with me to pick out fabric and help get notions for pj's!! It was awesome! And not at all easy for me. I had never sewn from a pattern before and had a tom of fun working and figuring out how to do that. I could not let it go un-noticed so My friend Natalie came by (On Christmas Eve) to take our family pictures. We have not done pictures since Michael was about three months old, which is pathetic I know, but I hate staged family pictures and put mostly candid snap shot up around my house. Anyway, I thought they turned out so great!!

We got a wii! Finally and we played it most of the day

All of the kiddos got scooters as well, which they love and we were so happy we did not have a white Christmas and they were able to get out and ride them for a bit.

It was such a great day. We love being our little family just sitting inside our little house for Christmas. We make treats and eat and play with toys all day.