Friday, June 27, 2008

Birth Plan

(I found an internet hot spot in my house so I get to publish something worth it today)

When you go through a midwife and decide on a natural birth you are asked to create a birth plan. An outline of how you want your birth to go. Things like I want chocolate in the room at all times (Maybe not normal but on my list for sure) If you would like to have an I.V. port for quick access, If you will be banking the cord blood, if dad or you will catch, deliver in water or not. you get the point. Anything goes, if you could have the perfect birth what would it be like.
Maybe when I am done with the whole thing I will post the whole plan.  

I have been thinking about this allot lately, I know I am months away form delivery but I am nervous and am a super planner. So I have at least decided what I will be wearing.  So many ladies end up nude in the end, and I would like to not be completely naked. Mostly because my kids will be in the next room and Michael wants to watch so I don't think he needs to see me that way. (If we let him, we have not made any real decisions yet) So I am going to embrace my inner hippie and make a tie dyed maternity tank top to wear through the birth. How fun will that be. I also will not know what I am having due to the fact I am too cheap to pay for the ultrasound so I am going to tie dye a onsie as well. I know a few of you are probably on the floor laughing right now, but I am serious.  I will be in the tube in my tie dyed tank top delivering my baby. Why not have fun in this process, that will literally feel like I am being ripped open. Maybe if I am looking at my tie dye I will be able to have a little laughter through the pain. I want to enjoy this as much as possible. I am so excited. And now I am going to be even more ready. And funny!!

While my sister was here last week we tried our hand at the tie dying thing just to make sure I could do it. Heres how it turned out.  Now I think I am ready, I will pose for a picture at the end of my pregnancy in the tank top.  When I am ready to deliver so you get the whole gory picture. 

Where is she???

Just a quick note to say that I am still alive just not able to post a ton yet. Love you all and hopefully I will be back soon. 

In the mean time enjoy this cute picture I got of my kids with there cousins last week. The two kids on the far left are a friends of mine. 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's a jungle out there

So here is what I have been doing the last couple of weeks. I am starting to produce more and more of these rocking chairs so I thought I needed to finish the one I started for my own Son first. We have a favorite book we love to read together called "Just mommy and me" It is about a little boy who pretends he and his mom are monkeys and they spend the day in the forest together. Michael loves it, we read it and then pretend we are Monkeys all day long. I figured it would be fun to do his rocking chair based on the book. But, it turns out the fact that I have not ever taken an art class came into play more than I thought it would so we did most of the chair in a jungle theme and the rest we just kind of played with. 

These are the outside pieces, front and back. sides

This is a picture of the back and the seat. The Rhino and orange snake was the original back of the chair that I decided was not good enough so I redid it.  MIchael has a cousin who we recently learned likes chamo. so we decided to put a piece of Tanner on the back of the chair. The Key matches the shorts of the monkey from the book. These rocking chairs are so fun, My kids love to take them apart and put them together again. I am no Smee but, I think it was well worth the effort. 

Monday, June 09, 2008

Kayden Cancer Warrior

I don't know how many of you all know this, if I have shared before or not. But, one of our really good friends here in Utah has the cutest little girl you have ever seen. Last year about this time Kayden, KaydeeBug as we all call her. Was diagnosed with Leukemia she has been fighting a long battle that we were all sure was coming to an end. She had her feeding tube out last month and has her last rounds of chemo coming this summer. However last friday Kayden was diagnosed with Avascular Necrosis (AVN) which means the tissue in her bones is going to some day very soon make it impossible for blood to get to her joints. She is 7 years old!!! Her dream since she was 3 was to be an irish dancer. This will never happen. Childhood cancer research when compared with other cancers is very underfunded. There is a bill coming up in congress which can change this. Think about it and if you want to sign a petition to say you want to fund childhood cancer research go to Thanks guys, Sorry if I bummed you out. It has been kind of a blue afternoon around here.