Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kindness of Strangers

Just when you thought no one cared.....

I sold some things on EBAY like I always do. Whenever I am sick of somthing the first thing I do is put it on EBAY and if it does not sell then I give it to charity. Well I listed a bunch of stuff last week and made some money so yesterday I went to print out shipping labels and set up post office pick up and of course, I have lost the cord to my printer. So I had to take all of my shipments to the post office. With my three kids.

I fed the baby before we left and told my kids that if they were good for me in the post office I would get them a special drink when we got home. (that usually works) Well not only did the baby start screeming the second we walked through the door but my children started running, jumping, climbing and screaming in the office. Then after I had everything labeled and the costums forms filled out I got up to the window only to find that I had put my two international shipments in the worng boxes. At this point I was ready to just break down and cry....

I hear a voice behind me, the kind man took my packages and not only re boxed them but labeled them for me too so I could hold my baby. IT did not end there my children started to pull boxes off of the walls and he startred to play with them and put the boxes back while I waited for my change. He was next in line but stepped out to help me turning his two mintue post office stop into a ten minute stop.

So to the man who took the time to save my sanity today I say thank you so much. It was just what I needed to make me feel the world is not such a bad place to be after all.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

If you can do it I can (Mabye)

100 things about me!......

1. If I did not know the story of why I have the name I do I would hate it. But because my Dad came bursting into the hospitl four days afrter I was born saying it over and over I love it!
2. I'm afraid my daughter will feel the same way about her name.
3. I do not like to drive unless I am totally alone on a dark road.
4. I wanted to be Anne from Anne of green gables when I was growing up.
5. I would dance on my toes all day if I did not have flat feet. Forcing myself to try it as a teenager has messed up my feet.
6. I truley know where I am going when I die! And I cannot wait to get there.
7. I can name at least 300 people who love me, some of them may not know me very well but they all love me very much
8. I love all of them too.
9. I am addicted to words. *Boggle, or scrabble anyone?*
10. I love boardgames and my husband get forced to play them with me... (even the kids games like candy land and operation).. he can't wait for my son to start playing them with me.
11. I love Diet Coke, not becuase of the taste so much as the fact that It makes me feel older because my mom drank it all my life.
12. I want to do everything!!!!
13. I make the best no bake cookies in the world!!
14. I read my biology book for fun
15. I am not a newborn person I like to be able to have my kids tell me what is wrong (took that one from Smee)
16 That being said I am facinated by birth. The whole process of making a baby is amazing
17. I do not know how you could have carried I child and not belive in God.
18.One day I will be a midwife!
19. I love to go to the movies even though I have not been to one in a year.
20. I hate that I can't have a movie channel at my house because the dirty shows come on it too.
21. I love my husband more deeply than my kids and am not ashamed to say it!!! (They will be sealed to someone else someday)
22. I know the gosple of Jesus Christ is true!! And knowing that has saved my life.
23. I know where I would be if I was not a member of the church and it is not pretty.
24. I try very hard to love my in-laws!
25. This list is harder than I thought it would be.
26. I could eat more at one sitting than you think I could be looking at me.
27. I know I have way more in common with my Dad than my mom. But, that does not mean I love him any more than her.
28. I wonder who I would have been if I had known my dad at all.
29. I miss my Dad more every single day.
30. I have been ANGRY and screamed at God and that is okay.
31. I love to write any thing at all. short stories, poetry, novels, songs, biographies, essays. EVERYTHING.
32. I crave knowledge. I think I will be in school for the rest of my life.
33. I love being a mom even if I scream at my kids.
34. I have one uncle who has inspired me more than he will ever know, he has helped to mold me into who I have become and I know that my Dad will thank him for it one day.
35. I know I can be better than what I am.
36. I can dance!!!
37. I can't sing! At all but, one day I want to at least beable to carry a tune. When my kids are in school I want to take voice lessons. (the poor teacher REALLY)
38. I love food!!!!
39. I wish I had the patience to bake cakes like chrinicler, but I can hardly wait for the oven to finish baking it.
40. I am addicted to T.V. and I do not like that about me. (yes, I wam working on it)
41. I go to bed at night counting the things I did wrong that day instead of the things I did right. 42. I want to be like my Mother!!! She eludes peace from her soul.
43. I pray for her happiness every single day!!!!
44. I wish I could fly. I had a vivid dream as a child that I flew to heaven I talked to my Brother I could feel it when I flew and I want to do it again.
45. I could never skydive!?!
46. I work out 6 times a week and I love it I think it keeps me sane!!!
47. My favorite book is My Brother Sam is dead I read it in fifth grade and every year since then.
48. I like reality T.V. and my husband hates it but loves me so he watches with me.
49. I can smell rain days before it gets to me.
50. I think the desert is beautifull
51. I love being alone!!!
52. I lived in the closet under the stairs when I was 13
53. I can't wait to be 30
54. I look best in black.
55. I know the Gettysburg addreess
56. I know enough sign language to have a simple conversation with a deaf person if they slow down for me.
57. I have a deep love for mentaly dissabled people. I do not know where this comes from, but I have more patience when I am around them.
58. I want to travle the world. But, my husband says hewon't fly over any oceans. (anyone want to go with me)
59. I have eaten dinner at a resturant by myself and ordered dessert just for fun.
57. I like the Harry Potter books and movies.
58. I do not like Star Wars, but I do watch them (alot) becuse my Dad and Brother loved them.
59. I like men with tatoos, but love that my husband resisted the urge to get any.
60. I have a cousin who when I was litttle would tell me I was gorgeous And I think that is why Ifell in love with a redhead
61. I like my belly button
62. I think my kids are the most beutifulll when the are in the bathtub soaking wet. I have so many pictures of them in there.
63. I wish I could paint like Smee. And even tried, by painting my kids room... think it turned out okay.
64. I think my husband is sexy, and I think about him all day long.
65. I take long hot baths, so long I end up refilling the water at least once.
66. It makes me sad to think I might never be pregnant again.
67. It makes me happy to think I might never be pregnant again.
68.I am happy when my kids go to bed at night, and that does not make me a bad mom.
69. The best advise about being a mom I ever got was to know that I am the mom, nobody else can tell me what is best for them however bad I may think they know I Am The Mom.
70. I know that wanting to throw a newborn is normal. And that does not mean you should never have been made a mother. It just means you need to go into another room for a while.
71. I should pray on my knees more.
72. I crave my bed.
73. Unlike my father, I think sleep is the best part of most days.
74. I go to church every sunday. Unless I am sick. If my kids are sick my hubby stays home becasue I NEED CHURCH on sundays.
75. I want to speak in church but have only been asked to do so a few times.
76. I loved being the Sunbeam teacher.
77. I did not like being the nursery teacher.
78. I can't wait to know what I did in Heaven to be born in the family that I was.
79. I have been through a horrible experience and lived to become stronger from it. And most people who know me don't know it ever happend
80. I grew up knowing my Dad loved me without having a memory of him telling me so
81. I do not say I love you enough.
82. I like peanut butter.
83. I sing loudly in the car.
84. I dance in elevators to give the security gaurd watching somthing more to look at. Even when I know no one is there.
85. I have to controll myself, not to force my daughter to be a Ballet dancer.
86. I repent daily and think everyone should.
87. I do not think anyone should ever tell you what you should be doing with your life. That is the Holy Ghosts job.
88. I do not like to work at "normal" jobs I like doing things that make money on my own schedule.
89. I am fascinated by breast feeding and someday will ask how God came up with that.
90. I too (like Smee) love hot pudding over Ice Cream.
91. I have a constant conversation with, both my earthly and Heavenly, Father going on in my head.
92. I think I can type without looking at me finger but am to afraid to try.
93. Being able to have "stuff" does not mean you have money.
94. I like to make over myself and my house.
95. I like getting dressed up even if I have nowhere to go, One night when I was 16 I called a boy and asked him to take me out only after I got dressed up because I thought I looked to pretty to stay home. And I married him three years later.
96. I like to sing in the shower and while I get dressed in the morning. #37 will tell you to feel bad for my family, becasue I sing alot.
97. I wish I could tap dance and I will take lessons someday soon.
98. I love my life.... most of the time
99. I tell white lies. And I hope that is okay.
100. I hope it is easier for you to read this than it was for me to write it.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I love meme's! I like to write them but, I love to go around reading them so here goes...This is one I got from Smee and she got from Mellissa.

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:

1. Sonic skating waitress and Drink/Dessert maker

2. Medical Assistant to a geriatric internest

3. Ticket girl at the movies

4. Waitress at IHOP

B) Four movies I would watch over and over:

1. Home movie of my Dad at Christmas

2. Steel Magnolias

3. Houseguest

4. Center Stage

C) Four places I have lived:

1. Hemet, CA

2. The back of a Semi Tuck, Wherever it was, USA

2. Henderson, NV

3. Draper, UT

D) Four TV shows I love to watch:

1. House

2. Anything reality (I know I'm a Dork)
American Idol starts tonight


4. Brady Bunch

E) Four places I have been on vacation:

1. San Felipe, Mexico

2. New York, NY

3. Disneyland (Anihiem) CA

4. Laughlen, NV

F)Websites I visit daily:

1. Blogger

2. MyFamily

3. Yahoo

4. Ebay

G ) Four of my favorite foods:

1. Tacos

2. Peanut Butter And Butter Sandwiches

3. Tomatoes

4. Aunt Nancy's Chocolate Chip Cookies

H) Four places I would rather be right now:

1. In Bed

2. On a date with my hubby

3. Reading a book

4. On the beach

That was fun, I love doing these because not only do I get to know all of you better I get to know me better as well.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Peaceful Storm

So, I know it is a "storm" but it can't help but watch from my warm house and think how beautiful it is. There is no clap, no thunder, no pounding against the house the way a storm is supposed to sound. And yet there are people crashing there cars, power lines being weighed down, people freezing and I sit and think of the beauty of it all.
So here I go letting my mind wander. How do you think Our Heavenly Father looks at all of us? He watches from the safety of Heaven looking on as we crash in to each other daily. With our words and our actions we fight or fail to fight for what is right or wrong in our lives. I wonder if he notices the beauty in it all, if he knows that the outcome will be worth all of the pain. Does he get to find peace in knowing why things happen the way they do? Or is he stuck in a rain storm knowing that people make horrific decisions everyday. Knowing he can stop the pain they cause but having the understanding and knowledge that stopping the decisions of his children will cause him to cease being God.
Do you think he feels peace when he looks at the storm or is he feeling bombarded by pain and sorrow.
Maybe in my life I can do more for him, my Heavenly Father, to let him see more beauty in his creations, maybe I can help him to feel the peace in the world. By my actions toward the people in my life maybe I can bring him calm. Share with him the peace that I so desperately look for him to give to me. Maybe I can find the peace I am searching for by thinking of it as giving him the peace he is searching his children for.
Maybe we all can?!?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Did I shrink and move in to the freezer???

Well here I am in Slat Lake City (really Draper) and I am so cold!!! The other day the weather girl was smiling cheerfully and with a stright face said "A warm front is moving in we could see 35 by the end of the week"
To which I would like to reply "HEY IDIOT!!! 35 degrees is NOT a warm front!!"

Allright enough complaing about the weather. I think I am going to like it here. Once I figure out the grid system of the roads. I am learning that 12300 S. is pronounced 123rd S. and it is 123 blocks S. of Temple square. The worst part of these roads is that they have double named them like state street is also a number. So I get to an intersection and pass the street I needed because dunb me was acctually looking for the name of the street. Wait a minute that does not make me dumb.... does it?

My ward seems great. I am sure I will get a calling soon and then I will start to make new friends. I am looking forward to that. I never really have needed a ton of friends becuase I always had my sisters (I even graduated high school with one) but, I am hoping to fall in love with the other women here. I hope I get put into a challanging calling so that I can keep busy. I would like to be forced to get to know the ward. I guess we will see.

I do miss my family and I will admit that I still feel like lying down and giving up some days, and screaming for my mommy to come and get me. Like when my two little rascles climbed up onto my piano to see the snow and tripped, they got caught up in the blinds and both of there arms got rope burned by the blind cord. And of course two days ago when My little boy climbed onto the table and whacked his head open By the time I found a hospital (3 hrs later) it was too late to be stiched so I turned around and brought him right back home. But, I got home from wherever I was!!! Small accomplishments mean allot!!

So my house is unpacked, the laundry is done, and I hope I will be back in the swing of life as soon as possible!!