Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Facebook fallout

I got this from a girlfriend on facebook and thought instead of doing it there I would bring it here. SO here goes...

Answer these 30 Things You Wouldn't Think To Ask.

1. Have you ever been searched by the cops? No
2. Do you close your eyes on a roller coaster? Never, I won't miss a thing!
3. When's the last time you've been sledding? Christmas day 2007, so fun!!
4. Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone? I eloped because I could not stand to go to bed alone anymore, Joe kept falling asleep on the couch at my parents and I would have to wake him up and send him to his own house. I could not take it anymore!! So Of course I would much rather sleep with Joe. OR now any of my kids!!
5. Do you believe in ghosts? Not technically
6. Do you consider yourself creative? Yes I do! **TOOT TOOT **
7. Do you think O.J. killed his wife? I know this may be wrong, but I could not care any less!!
8. Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie? Jennifer!!
9. Can you honestly say you know ANYTHING about politics? One of my favorite people on the planet has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibility in this area and I may just choose to post on it a little bit later!!
10. Do you know how to play poker? Such a bad native to Vegas.... NO!!
11. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight? Only to have a baby!! So it was worth it.
12. What's your favorite commercial? The new Conan ones crack me up. I cannot wait for him to take over the Tonight Show
13. Who was your first love? I can honestly say my first is my last, and I got the best man on earth!!
14. If you're driving in the middle of the night, and no one is around you, do you run a red light?Sure do!!
15. Do you have a secret that no one knows but you? Probably not!! I tell Joe everything, so don't trust me with yours. I am serious!!
16. Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees? Again, I could not care any less!
17. Have you ever been Ice Skating? Okay how funny, I live in the greatest snow on earth and the only time I have been ice skating is in the desert?
18. How often do you remember your dreams? All the time, I try to write them down.
19. What's the one thing on your mind? Family reunion, Open house for the temple, Abby screaming, does that make me a bad mom? where are Michael, Ora and Jordan, I wonder where Joe is... Oh wait I Did this wrong did it say one thing!! How would that work?
20. Do you always wear your seat belt? If I am driving yes other than that almost always!
21. What talent do you wish you had? I am a singer without the plumping.. Get it PIPES??
22. Do you like Sushi? California (rolls) know how to party!! (okay now I'm just getting lame)
23. What do you wear to bed? PJ's
24. Do you truly hate anyone? no
25. If you could be with one famous person, who would it be? Is Henry B Eyering famous??
26. Do you know anyone in jail? yes
27. What food do you find disgusting? Ruben sandwiches??
28. Have you ever made fun of your friends behind their back? Not recently
.29. Have you ever been punched in the face? Headbutted by babies yes but Punched in the face... Heavens no!!
30. Do you believe in angels and demons? YES, I keep two, angels that is, in my pocket at all times!! Okay maybe not in my pocket but they hang around here an awfull lot.

Friday, May 15, 2009

So just as I opened up this window to put up a new post the baby woke up SORRY ALL!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

What's on my mind

It has been so long since I have posted. I am getting seriously overwhelmed. And with no pictures to go with posts It feels kind of wierd to write. (I know dumb but still how it is) so I dectied to put up a quick list of things here.

1. Jordan needs to start talking!! We have moved into the crying all the time stage and I am not sure how long I can take it.
2. Baseball with five year olds Is kind of like watching ants run from raindrops. They are not very sure where they are going or what they are trying to do but.... THEY LIKE IT.
3. Ora is not a pickle head! and if you tell her she is, or even laugh because you wonder where pickle head came from, she will not speak to you for the rest of the day.
4. Ice cream can calm any ammount of children into sitting for a movie. At least untill you stop feeding them. SO..... I will just keep feeding them!
5. After a two year break I am back at the temple!! YEAH!!!!! I have missed it.
6. Some days motherhood and why I chose it gets a little fuzzy to me.
7. That is okay!!
8. A garden is not going to happen this year and I am very sad about it.
9. People to help out is a must. Thank you to the sister in my ward who tends Abby while I teach, It is a nice break.
10. Ora is a dancer without a dance class. I am reminded of it every day.
11. Michael startred reading. All by himself!
12. I wonder how I will raise such a smart cookie?
13. Then he showed me how he learned how to tie his shoes by watching Dad and I do it.
14. I really worry about raising him to his potential some days.
15. Jordan brings me back to reality, the Lord is helping me raise my children and they will be just what he wants them to be.
16. Stiches the second time for Ora was not easier.
17. A rolling baby gathers all walls (BUMP, scream. BUMP)
18. Pray that our new baby puppy will have black paws so we can name her Fox, I need a fox in sox! She is due to arrvie this week and then home with us in 8 weeks.
19. REALY what am I thinking, a dog??
20. I love my husband and he deservies to have a dog!

Well that is my list. I am so glad to be a mother I would not be happier doing anything else. Even if some days I wonder about that. I know how incredibly blessed I am just to be in these little spirits lives. They are a wonderful blessing to me. I take being a mom so seriously, too seriously sometimes. I am so glad I have Jordan who helps me see things in a lighter light. And Ora who just makes me dance so hard that I forget all my cares for a few minutes. Abby and her four dimples are so precious. Michael, I will admit most days scares the heck out of me. HE it so much smarter than I am. Some day he will realize that and then where will I be.
Over all life is grand! Perfect! and a new adventure every single day! I could not ask for more.