Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Too Many BOYS!!

Poor little Ora! She is surrounded by boys, she definitely has more than her fair share. And don't get me wrong she does like having her "fellas" (as she calls them) around some of the time. But lately it seems like she has had her fill. She was ready for a girls day. So while I had an older friend here yesterday playing with the boys she and I had a girls day.
We started with a Teddy Bear Picnic. We had so much fun that we will be doing it again next week with a few of her girlfriends.

We set up her blanket in the front yard and layed out some strawberries, pound cake and of course chocolate chips.

In the glass was some sparkling water. She thought that was the best part. We kept clinking the glasses and "cheersing"

Of course in the end our hands were covered in chocolate But, we had such a fun time.
After the picnic we came in and did "hair dones" We then went to do nails! She chose sparkly purple nails.
The day spent with my girl was SO worth! the piles of laundry, and dishes that added up as I did the things that will really matter!