Friday, March 27, 2009

How've you been?

As for me and my house we are overwhelmed!! So the blog is suffering. Going form 1 to 2 kids was no problem, 2 to 3 a piece of cake! 3 to 4 JUST MIGHT KILL ME!! I have the easiest baby on the planet and yet I still am spinning my wheels most of the time. Joe and I were given a beautifull Suburban by my moms friend who is the most amamzing person on the plant. ( I hope to do a special post about his expeirience soon) And so we are trying to sell the van. Also we need to find a more permanant home so we are making plans to move by the first of next year. I guess we will see how that goes because it will mean Joe will have to change jobs.
Michael is playing baseball right now, Jordan is in speech therapy twice a month (still no words), Ora is starting a dance class at the end of April. And I am filling out my grant applications to begin going back to school and getting things together for a family reunion in July. Abby is fabulous, healthy,fun and so so sweet you could really just eat her whole!!
Any way I said just a quick update as the laundry just beeped at me. I do hope things will return to normal soon. Or at least I will just get used to the new normal someday!!
Love you all!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Come on Utah

When we first moved to Utah people laughed. We heard all sorts of funny things like, "Oh you are going to live in the bubble" "the mother ship" "the homeland"..."Why would you do that"
We laughed and our response was pretty much always the same. We go where we feel the Lord wants us to be. Joe and I had been very prayerful in picking Utah. A place that I for one had never even considered moving to. But, we are here still.
And now 2 pieces of advise for Utah in general. Because it really is a great place to live.
1- We need the drivers to stop singing primary songs and drive already!
2- Stop allowing high school students to edit the copy on the news!
I swear that is the only explanation for quotes like these...
* said while holding a ball of snow "This was falling out of the sky this morning"
* While standing in front of someones house that had just exploded, I swear there was NO MORE HOUSE behind this reporter, two people died!! " It was a bad day for someone out here in (I can't remember the city)"
* And of course We need to know anything that involves the church!! I am not kidding sometimes that is nice and sometimes it is just plain silly. "what does the lds church have to say about .... new crossing guards, the new liquor laws, the state of the roads in Utah ect... I mean somethings just (please I am not coming down on the church) are none of there concern. And I think they have more important things to worry about both in the news room and at church headquarters.

*BUT this one Takes the cake. And I quote!! "It's amazing (amazing??) when the warm air moves in the snow melts" (*what*)

People make fun of us enough, can we please stop giving them the ammunition. Utah is a great place to be, since I have been here I have had people open doors for me and my kids. I have not been to the store once where someone has not helped me unload my cart. My neighbors (even the scary looking ones) are all very nice people. But, we have got to stop helping people make fun of us!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pictures to follow

First things first! I had such a great time in Vegas! My family is so great. I got to go a few days before Joe and so I spent day one in St. George with my Grandma and my Aunt They are the best they watched my kiddos while I went and got my haircut. Then we just hung out and talked all afternoon. I miss then so much!

When I did get into Vegas my mom helped me get the kids to bed and we talked for about an hour and then fell asleep ourselves. Day two found me at my sister Cristen's with Ness and her kids as well. We looked through jewelry catalogues and I picked out all of the pieces they all should get me for presents. (SOSO FUN) then we took our kids to the park, a really great park.,We fed the ducks and then played for like three hours. That night I got to go out with my best friend in the world my mom watched my kids and we took the baby with us to dinner and then we went shopping. On Friday, I spent the day with My sisters and family just being together. My kids and I put together some decorations for Aunt Rachel's door , She ran a 5K on Saturday and we wanted her to know how proud of her we are and so we put hearts all over her door with notes on them. She has lost almost 100 pounds and has inspired all of us to live our lives better!! My favorite note was one That said "fat Rachel eat my dust" Sat. we went down and watched her finish the race (thank you police men for not pulling me over while I sped to make it on time) We got to hang out with Joe's family all day on Sat. It has taken me a long time to feel "in" with them. But, it has been so worth it. I love them as much as my own family. We got to see My niece get baptised and had a great time together.
On Sunday we rested and slept ALLOT then had a birthday party for Ora. So fun!! Mon. Tue. and Wed. were great!! I just played with my family and even got to go on a date with my husband with a few of my very favorite people!! (you know who you are)
Now, that this is so long I will stop! I hope I blog more often now that the family is feeling better. I guess we will see.