Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Go Give a HUG.... Or at least a thank you!!!

So Christmas is busy enough with out throwing the new primary year starting the week after right. I would say enough said but I had no idea what goes into getting the new year setup and ready to go. I think everyone should have an appreciation for this because as most people who read this know we are unpaid moms who put hours a week into the primary. Don't get me wrong we love it but some kudos are needed and well deserved for all of the ladies around the globe who are going through this same thing.should be the new Sunbeams coming in from nursery get to visit the primary room?, and the teacher who are too burned out to go on for another year lets pray the bishop gets around to getting them released and replaced, Then you go into panic mode around Dec. 1st and start to put classes together and make new lists and all of that stuff. Well here I am the week before with no computer and no phone for the last two weeks. I will be scrambling this whole week to get door signs made, new rolls printed, new manuals put together...... GO HUG YOUR PRIMARY SECRETARY..... RIGHT NOW!!

I was not going to publish the blog but I think I will, It is now Jan. 8th and I feel like I am finally getting done. After the first week of primary chaos I had to re do some of the room assignments and even move kids who's parents did not like the teacher they were assigned to. Anyhow I just would like to get the word out there. 5 hours a day on the computer for two weeks in a row. GO HUG YOUR PRIMARY SECRETARY!!!! Or at least give her a call and thank her for all of the hard work she does for your children.

Side note.... I love my calling I really do. I probably would not want to be anything else in the ward right now So please don't take this as a complaint just an FYI for some deserved appreciation for all those who are in my same shoes right now.