Friday, November 16, 2007

The BIG 0-4

My biggest boy turned 4 this year and we had his first "friend "party. I decided that even though some day he might hate me for it I did a theme Halloween party. It's his birthday and We will live it up!!! So here are some pictures from out Mad Scientist Lab. I had three stations: make you own monster, face painting, and make slime. You think a bunch of four year olds would love this kinds of thing...... NOPE I could get none of them to make slime. You know the cornstarch and water kind that drips through your fingers if you don't constantly move it. Then I only got the girls to get there faces painted. Two of the boys made monsters but it was the craziest thing. I tried really hard to make this party great. and I felt for a while that I totally bombed, But all of the kids parents have told me that they have not stopped talking about the best part........ pin the tail on the donkey!! So much for trying to go all out.

I also added my kids pictures from our trunk or treat this year. Thomas Percy and a really cheap dalmatian costume. I was so crazed by the party and my little girl being sick that a did not get his Sir Tophan hat costume finished and ended up a Kmart an hour before the party started. Oh well we all had a great time.

(the pictures are not great but if you click on them you can see it better)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Day trip!

I have been wanting to write about his for a few weeks now and finally have a moment to do it so here it goes.......

On Oct. 21st we were invited to attend a regional stake conference at the conference center where President Hinckley would be presiding. My whole family was so excited We woke up extra early and got dressed before the kids got up and once they did we hurry and got them dressed I made breakfast to go and we were in the car. The meeting started at ten but we were there at 8:45 we sat in the eighth row to the side where the prophet would be walking in. We sat for a while and walked for a while passing the time. And about five minutes before he came in my little baby decided he had had enough. So I walked him to the back of the isle to put him to sleep. Right as he was going out I heard over head "Welcome to the conference center,... please take you seats" So I waited another few minutes to make sure he was really out and then headed down the isle. Just as I was approaching my row The whole room got silent and I froze Looked up and saw that cute little old man who walks so frailly with God. I watched him pretty much hobble to his seat raise his cane to say hi to everyone and then sit down.
What a great meeting we heard talks on being more still, not over scheduling our lives. About the importance of F.H.E. and prayer. The spirit in that room fills the chair cushions, my children sat and played quietly for the whole two hours. and then when President Hinckley got up to speak they both listened, for a few minutes. He talked to Fathers about putting your homes in order, He said that just because you are gone all day at work that is no excuse for coming home grumpy and taking a bad day out on your family. His voice was a stern warning to parents who would talk badly in front of there children or who would raise a hand to them. I was truly inspired by the tone of his voice it made me wonder how I act around my kids when no one is around. I try to be the best mom I can be. And now I realize that there whole lives in and through eternity will depend on what I teach them while I have them here in my home. What a huge overwhelming responsibility. But a joy all the same. It would kill me if I did not have them with me in Heaven, There is only one way that they can be there and that is if we all make it together! HOLY COW!
I can't take on day off, I have to always be a light to my children......

But you know what, my little children are the light to me. As I have stopped to pay attention to them I can see there testimonies in there eyes. Bruce R. McKonkie said he was born with a testimony of the gospel of Christ. I believe we all are, anyone who chose the right plan knows in his soul all about it, it is a matter of bringing it all back. To feel that hidden part of you leap for joy when you feel the spirit telling you truth. My little girl loves Jesus. I mean loves him. She always has she knows he loves her. She always has. It is truly a wonder to watch her as she quiets down to pray to her father in Heaven. I am so grateful for the truths we all share as a family every day. I could not ask for anything more than to be a mother to these kids.

One more thing and then this huge post will be over.. As the meeting ended and we all stood to watch the prophet go the room once again got silent so I lifted me sweet girl up to see and as he passed us by my girl screamed "Bye bye pes. hinkee" He stopped and looked right at her. I have never been so happy to have my daughter so irreverent in my life! What I fun story to tell her when she gets bigger. And what a great day.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Hello to my rocking sister in law who I just found out was a blogging girl as well! I am so excited to be able to keep up with her better. She is a super sweet girl and has been so much fun to have in my family I miss her so much. She is the best Aunt my kids could have and an even better sister to my prince. Go check her out I guarantee a laugh!