Friday, January 20, 2012

We're Back

So this is my new house and now, I feel like I need a fresh start with my blog. I am so excited to be back to blogging. I have missed it so much. Not to mention that it has been the replacement for my journal for so long and I have missed things with my kids that I would be sad to not mention. So for the next little while I will work backwards and forwards at the same time to cover all my bases.

Isn't it pretty!! Yes, I know!! Joe and I spent the last several months searching for our home. And when I say searching I mean that. We spent hours on line and in our Realtors car. We set our budget low and our expectations high. That set us up for failure after failure after failure. We fell in love and ended up in second place and then kept looking. After a while we decided that we would increase our price limit. We did that and the next day headed out once again. At the end of a very long day we pulled up to this house. Joe was frustrated and I was frustrated. We pulled up and it looked great, but we had seen lots of houses that looked great outside and when we got in it was just plain scary. So when we walked into a beautiful kitchen the updated, really lovely home just kept getting better. That night we made our offer. It was at the very top of our first limit. We did not have to increase our budget after all. We moved in the week before Christmas and it was lovely. And it did not spring a leak under the concrete slab till the second week we were here. And then it waited another week till the kitchen sprung another leak and now I have no kitchen sink. We get to beat through my beautiful kitchen floor while my bathroom and hallway are still full of holes down to dirt. YES!!! that's right folks dirt. However, in case you are feeling like we are not happy you would be wrong! We are so happy! the first leak was such a blessing because without it we would never have seen the second worse drain leak! It could have leaked and drained into our foundation until the back of the house just slid right off, which granted, as fun as that would be, we are incredibly grateful for. We have learned a ton and we are so happy to be here. The next fifty years are going to be awesome!!! It will be amazing and wonderful! As soon as we finish all of this work we will have a blast finding all the other fun things to explore while we live here.