Monday, December 31, 2007

This could be a very long story

About a week before Christmas I placed a phone call to my local cable Internet provider to tell them "thank you for the year of service but I would like to cancel my cable television and keep my Internet and phone connections active."The response came back sure thing it will cost you five dollars more a month to only have two services with us!!! I would be paying more for less!! After allot of explaining that they had given me a bundling discount I got so angry I told them I wanted none of it and they could come pick up there things. Then about five minutes later it hit me... What did I do. I have no phone no Internet and no television.. (okay the TV I didn't want anyway but What had I done). How was I going to get through Christmas and the new year. I quickly called the new company They could be here what turned out to be this morning. So here is the story of the last two weeks. Mostly in pictures.

My son is a huge train fan. So we thought it would be fun to take him on the Trax train to downtown Salt Lake and see the lights at temple square. It was great we left early in the afternoon, bundled up really warm and rode the train in. We spent the afternoon as tourists seeing the beehive house where Brigham Young and his family lived. Then we toured the Conference Center. Holy Cow that is one heck of a tour. By the time we were finished with it it was dark and we were able to go see the lights on. It is so beautifully. if you have not made the trek to see it, you should work it out one year. They string lights over everything but the temple which stands in the center in all of its glory. They have manger scenes from all over the world which I love because it shows that Christ did not just come for a short life to be had in Jerusalem but for the whole world. And he is still here today communicating with a prophet of god.
I got my Christmas Exchange gift from Meg in Australia and All I can say is How fun was that. Meg was so sweet to send a perfect Christmas rag doll goose. My kids wanted it on the tree because we had sent her an ornament we made together so they thought her gift should go on our tree. It was lovely. As I packed it away I thought how fun it will be to start a new tradition of participating in this one every year.

We spent days making Christmas treats which I tend to go overboard doing but, It is my husbands favorite thing about Christmas so I love it every year. This year I tried some new stuff
I stayed with the old favorites like, sugar cookies, no bake cookies (I know not Christmas but My husbands favorite just the same) and peppermint bark, then I dove into marshmallow fudge, toffee (thank you chronicler it was great), Whoopie Pies, and Waffle brownies(again chronicler) And I even made my grandmas Carmel, YUMM!! It was allot of work but oh so much fun to hand out to our friends and neighbors.

Christmas day was great The tree was overflowing with gifts because we had all of the presents from grandmas and grandpas as well as from us it looked so overdone but it was fun. We got to spend hours opening presents because we had no where to be so we would open a gift and then play with it then open a new one and play with it. After that I made breakfast and we hung out all day, we went and rode the new sled, and watched our new movies. really I could not have asked for a better day....


Why do you say, well maybe it was the hundreds of spiders that were calling it home when they chopped it down, and there relatives that had managed to cling to it even after we had brought it home sprayed it down and had the burning hot lights on it for three weeks. AUGHHH I am still shivering just writing about it. You can't see it all that well. but me star was practically tied to the tree by spider webs. So as soon as Christmas came it was gone . Till next year..Merry Belated Christmas to you all.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My kids got elfed

Check it out. And make your own This is so much fun!!!

This elfin' greeting brought to you by OfficeMax

Monday, December 10, 2007

Snowed in

What a snowy week we have had. Yes, that is a jaguar that slid off of the raod and was completly ripped apart while the tow truck driver was pulling it out.


I was trying to put up all of my pictures earlier but got stuck so this will coninue on with what has kept me away from my computer for so long...

Picture show