Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ora turns FIVE

(((Sorry the pictures are so bad, we don't have a new camera yet we just have my phone so it is what it is)))

Her wonderful day came and went on Feb. 17th. She loves her birthday's! Which makes it all the better for me. As a mother I try to make all of my kids birthdays great. The whole day is about them. They get to make all of the decisions, all day... We start with food a few days before the birthday. Ora chose to have a special breakfast that she wanted Daddy to choose, he choose to leave her doughnuts and chocolate milk, for lunch we had 'noodle soup' (top ramon), then for dinner we had Hot Dogs, giant cheeto's, and Soda pop. She got to pick the movies all day and she was able to be pick our games and it was so much fun, we did a lot of Dancing! Then she wanted to open up presents early and she called Dad to see if she could. Of course he told her she could open up her smaller ones and then when he got home we had dinner and she opened up her others.
She has been looking forward to her birthday for months!! All the friends we have, and even people we met in the store (yes random strangers), have been invited to come to her party. A party I was not planning. It was so funny, but also kind of a challenge because I had to keep telling her to stop asking for gifts. She was inviting everyone and then following up her invite with "you can bring me a present!" She also kept asking me for more and more things. I kept telling her that I was done buying her presents, unfortunetlly she had a list of things that she wanted for her day. The problem was I bought her presents clear back before Christmas. I bought her this great jewelry box in October because it was perfect for her. I went around buying little pieces of jewelry to fill it with and was so excited to see her Christmas day. Then when Christmas time came around we found such a great deal on her doll house that we just could not pass it up. After spending that much money I did not feel like I wanted to give her much more than that for Christmas. So I saved the jewelry box for her birthday. I did not buy her a single present more. Until the day before her birthday I decided I could make one of her "new" wishes come true. I bought her an umbrella!! She loved it. It was so great to see her get her jewelry box and it would have been plenty but, when we pulled out her umbrella she got so excited and has carried it around every day since then.

Her cake was probably the most fun thing I did. As I said before, I love my kids birthdays! I always make them the cake that they want. I have done trains, worms, and doll cakes, but the
most fun I have had was this cake. A few months ago we were at the grocery store and she saw the wedding cakes on display and she went crazy! We had been talking about her birthday cake for a while and when she saw these hanging up that is what she wanted. I have always told my kids they could have any cake. I would do my best to make it. So I did not feel right telling her that I would not do it. So we did. The only thing she did not get from her dream was, that she wanted the people on top, we traded that out for her birthday number.
I think for the most part she had a great day, If she had been able to open her presents before Dad got home it would have been perfect! But, we had fun and she still had a great time with her Daddy when he got home!

Friday, February 12, 2010

What we have been up to

OK here we are, Yes we are still around.

I know since I discovered facebook my blog has suffered a bit. But here's what we have been doing. A few weeks ago I got to go to Las Vegas and stay with my mom while Joe and Michael were able to drive to Missouri with Joe's dad to deliver some things to the house back there. It was kind of a nightmare trip . They got stuck in the Ice storm that went through the Midwest and then slid off the road. Michael lost his brand new Nintendo Ds. At the end they even had to leave the trailer halfway up the driveway and now they are going back in the spring to unload it and bring it back. Michael had a great time though. He was able to hang out with one of his very favorite person, his Grandpa. They talked and talked the whole time and Michael even got to sleep in Grandpa's bed. They ate at a McDonald's the went over the freeway, got to play in the snow in the middle of a highway, and he got to get orange sunglasses. I got to spend the week In Henderson with my family. We had a blast!!
When we got home Joe started school and that has kept us pretty occupied for the last little while. He has been really nervous about it but, has done so well. We have worked hard and have spent nights up late but,I think we are getting the hang of it.
Today was Michale's Valentines party, and I got to go help out in his class. It was so fun to see him in his element. His teacher has been so good with him. She calls him her special helper, the kids all ask him for help reading when they need it. It was great he kept winking at me from wherever he was in the room and when we left he wanted me to walk out the front doors and he went out the back and met me in the front. It was a blast. Let me tell you how much I love my family! I feel so blessed to be their Mother. I feel joy every day, even when I feel like I am going crazy!! I go to bed every night with my favorite person in my arms and wake up with the best four kids anyone could ever ask for!!