Friday, October 10, 2008

Sorry so late

I was going to finish with conference and then I got so stinkin sick that I have no been blogging so I will just finish my conference posts by saying. I love the gospel. I love that twice a year the whole church gathers together to listen to direct guidance for our day. I believe that the Lord does truly speak to the leaders of our church and we are instructed fro our day! Man, I love the gospel!!!

Now on to other things less important but fun all the same..
I have been tagged for and 8 things meme,
8 T.V. shows I love to watch:
1. The office!!
2. Little house on the prairie
3. Bones
4. Law and order (all of them)
5. House
6. Survivor
7. Brady Bunch
8. Keeping up appearances

8 things that happened yesterday:
1. Found clothes for baby Abby online 
2. Talked to my mom who made me feel special!! (thanks mom)
3. watched my kids turn pillowcases into toys when they lost there toy room privileges
4. layed on the couch (I am getting really sick of this one)
5. Made dinner
6. cuddled with Joe for Comedy night done right!!
7. Got sad Kath and Kim was lame!
8. worked on my Sunday School lesson 

8 favorite places to eat
2. Olive Garden (soup, salad, and bread sticks anyone??)
3. Micky-dees (gross I know)
4. Wingers
5. Sonic (but really just to drink)
6. Costco ( 7 bucks to feed the fam, not to shabby)
I am such a dork, I have no idea, I guess I don't get out enough!!

8 things I am looking forward to:
1. Delivery of Abby!!! 1 month people!!!
2. Joe getting a truck, I would love to have my van back
3. Christmas
4. Blessing Abby in Vegas!!!
5. Some day Joe being home more
6. Seeing Michael actually build a robot to clean his room (I bet he will do it someday)
7. Going on a mission with Joe
8. Buying our dream R.V. and showing my kids the country!

8 things on my wish list:
1. Disneyland with the whole Pender clan
2. a new couch
3. A house that is mine
4. New scriptures
5.  post baby Shopping spree
6. My mom being closer (one of us would have to move, head or tails mom )
7. A maid
8. my old wedding ring back!

So this proves I am a seriously boring person. Holy cow how lame am I!!
I don't tag anyone but if you have not done it, do. It would be fun to read!!


Brianna said...

Fun! I am glad to see you are back. Sorry to hear that you were so sick. Hope everything is going well with the baby. Your lists are fun and real, not boring.

Robyn said...

You are so cute. I just love your spunk. Good wish list. Hope this last month is the easiest one yet! What and adorable name - Abby.

1stdaughter said...

How fun! I really hope you are feeling better. Being sick and pregnant is no fun at all.

I am also really sad to hear that Kath and Kim was lame! I was really looking forward to it and then didn't set up the record thingy right, so I missed it. So, maybe it's a good thing I did.

Marianne said...

I'm sorry that you have been so sick. How was fondue? Homecoming is over today yay! so now I'll have more time to get together. And I love the name Abby.

Jenessa said...

I don't think so about mom moving anywhere!! You want her you come get her. I know it's very selfish but really if you think about it I had her first. I love ya.

The Jones's said...

I like your lists. Maybe I will do one of my own. :) Joseph and I missed The Office Thursday because we were at our hospital tour. It made everything feel that much more real. I am glad that we have a FABULOUS mall right across the street, and lots of restaurants, who I have learned some of deliver to the hospital! Sweet! I, too, am getting so excited about having this baby. She is so much fun, and so cute, and I just can't wait until I can actually hold her, and love her not being in my tummy. :) Abby is cute. Are you calling her Abby and naming her Abigail or just naming her Abby?

Lisa said...

I love these meme's. It's been a yonk or two, since I did one, so I am copying it.

I too appreciate your spunk.

I am so glad you share yourself, with us.

Anonymous said...