Monday, September 22, 2008

Rain is falling

All around
On the rooftops
On the ground
Rain is falling
On my noes 
On my Hands 
And feet and toes!

I wanted to post good news today so I decided to list some things I am grateful for. 

*I love my family
*Especially my special husband who I know does more than most for me 
and I do not take that for granted.
*The Lord guides my life We cannot go wrong if we listen
*My sweet moments with my children
*The lady on Saturday at the farmers market who told me I was the cutest pregnant lady she had ever seen, Really she made my day.
*Getting to go to the Farmers Market on Saturday, thank you Joe again!
*The rain watering what is left in my garden, I'm not allowed to walk and thanks to gas Joe and I are sharing a car so I have not been able to get there to water.
*The lady's in my ward who water and weed for me when they can
*The lady's in my ward who visit me on my couch. 
*The rain today
*The scary thunder that is scaring my kids who I get to comfort. 
*Movies that make me laugh, I saw Baby Mama this weekend it was great!
*Peanuts in the shell, I love those!!
*Joe's dad who came to visit this weekend and he left behind almost a whole bag of peanuts! 
*Love from everyone who loves me!
*The Love I feel for everyone I love!!


S'mee said...

Full of a lot of wisdom, this post is! (evidently channeling Yoda today!)

Hang in there it's not too much longer and you'll have a fully baked bun! (which is, in itself an interesting euphemism...baking buns and new born babies...two great smells, oh and add in the rain [another favourite smell!] from today and heck, you get a really odd collection of random "Aunt" thoughts!)

any who, lovely post!

The Pea said...

S'mee you can always make me smile!!

Thank you, so are you coming to bake me bread, is that what I heard? A little daydreaming***

1stdaughter said...

You know you're pregnant when all you have to do is read "peanuts in the shell" and think, I have to go to the store now and get some! Hehe.

I love the rain too by the way, it just always makes me feel clean and makes me want to snuggle up and watch a good movie.

Robyn said...

Time to turn on an old classic movie, make some hot chocolate and enjoy the day snuggled and comfy! Oh now I miss the rain!

Marianne said...

I'm sorry that your on the couch so much. But I'm totally up for fondue during priesthood session. Call me and we'll figure it out.

shinbou said...

I am going to start emailing you my posts and then you can make them good. I am so sorry you are stuck on a couch. I want to come visit you so bad, but gas prices as well are hindering our lives. And I cannot believe that you at all worry about your garden. Do not get me wrong it is great, I would have givin it up long ago. But you are wonder women right? I love you see you soon.

Tiffany said...

You are so sweet and literally are the cutest pregnant lady ever!!

Lisa M. said...

I love this post, so much.

Channeling Yoda, indeed.

Hang in there Pea!

Anonymous said...