Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm looking forward

I know, it feels like I have been doing a ton of complaining! But I am down to 4 days, 4 days people! I know I can get through it even more so because MOM COMES TOMORROW!! She lands at eleven and is getting her own car so she will drive straight here. I am getting so excited. More so to have mom here than even to have the baby. I think I am probably more excited about mom because she is coming first.

Let me just say, I have the very best mom. Whenever I need her she steps up to the plate Big Time! When I was down and out pregnant with Jordan she was at my house every day. She kept my house running while I was on the couch! Not just kept it running but, on her hands and knees cleaning so I would not go crazy running. Then I moved away and got pregnant again. I know it has killed her to not be here. It has been so hard, I have realized how dang hard she worked before. But, Now she is coming here. 
Not to say I am only happy because she is going to clean, I am planning on being able to get my house cleaned top to bottom to my standards before she gets here. Then I can't wait to watch my mom playing with my kids. Lately I can not even read them a book without throwing up so I am going to love just relaxing while my kids have someone to play with. They need some serious Grandma time. She will make me relax and keep things up while I do just that. 
Then on Thursday we bring in Brittany, My Sista from anotha mista, really my adorable cousin who I love having in my home. She is staying the night on Thursday and watching my kids while Joe and I go to the hospital. I think my mom will stay Friday morning here with Brittany and then be left alone when Labor gets more intense. I am so happy that it is Brittany who is coming, she does not watch any T.V. at all. So I know my kids are  going to be entertained and played with while I am away. She has always been super creative and I know she has been planning what she will do with them since she knew she was coming a month ago. I can't wait to see what she comes up with. I just know they will have a blast.  
Then on Saturday I will come home, I know that I will bring this baby to a clean house that is ready for us to be in. My mom, Joe, and Brittany will make sure that it will be a nice thing to come home to. 
Every time I give birth Joe brigs me a present, this time I have requested the new quacamole bacon sandwich from Carls Jr. I have been wanting it since I saw it a while ago. But I will not spend the money to just throw it up.  He also brings in a box of lemon and kiwi chocolates from See's I have gotten this box with every baby. I eat it all by myself over the course of a few days. And I do not feel guilty about keeping it all for myself. 
So now instead of being grumpy (all the time) I am more excited and ready to get this week going. YEAH!!!! I am so ready.


S'mee said...

oy. How much do I adore the lemon and chocolate? Too much. I also am partial to the orange and chocolate. I could go on.

I think it's hilarious that you are excited about a cheeseburger. But thinking back on certain times in my own experience, um yeah, I get excited about food as well. Sad. ;)

One last thing: You have a great mom. I'm jealous.

Humes Family said...

Moms always make everything better!! We are excited for you!!
I can't wait to see your new addition!

1stdaughter said...

What a fabulous idea...See's and pregnancy, too bad we don't have one nearby. Good luck with everything!

Brianna said...

How exciting for you, tell your mom hello for us! I love her, she is great. I can't wait to see you new little bundle. I hope everything goes great. would it be alright with you if you could send Joe down here to give Adam some lessons?? hehe. Good luck Erin, we will be thinking about you.

The Pea said...

Smee, It would have been so cool to have you for a sister.
1st daughter- We don't have one very "near" us either he has to travel a bit to get it for me.
Brianna- I have no idea where he learned this but I am sure he would tell your hubby it is so worth the time it takes.

TaraLee said...

That is so cute he gives you a gift with each baby! Yay 4 days!

Robyn said...

Oh Pea, I am so excited for you! Enjoy every minute! Say Hi to mom for all of us.

The Jones's said...

I can't believe you are giving birth in 4 days. On the same day that my Mom II in Draper is moving to another house, so 2 big events are going on that day. It has been awesome being pregnant at the same time, though crazy to think that I am having my 1st and you are having your 4th! It's so great. I can't wait to be a mom! I know you don't want to be induced, and I know that I don't want to be, but it must be nice knowing when. I just get to sit and wait, actually clean and unpack and wait. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Lisa M. said...

I could go on and on too. I LOVE lemon and chocolate!

How neat, what great traditions!

Paul M. said...

I think you're a very lucky person, Pea!

somebody said...