Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Whirl Wind Weekend

What a great time we had!!!! We got into town at at 11 am on Friday and then we just did not stop all weekend. I clung to my mom's side all weekend only detaching long wnough to visit an aunt and then to atttend the baby blessing we went down to see. My husband and I hardly saw each other because he stayed with his brothers and sister at his dads house and I kept the kids to play at my moms. People kept asking both of us where the other one was but, I guess on a trip like that we both understood our need to be with our own families. And we both left completly satisfied with the time we got to spend. My only complaint would be it was just not long enough!!! Oh yeah and Lisa boy were you right it was very HOT!!!!


He is doing great and is just as elusive as he has ever been. I did get to see him for a little while and he (along with my brother in law) even babysat so that all of up girls could have a pedicure. He is still waiting to see if the government will clear him medically for flight school. It has been quite the fight but, I don't think he is ready to give in quite yet. He has several physicians on his side saying the likelihood of him needing to have more operations is extremely small, so I think he may make it in. In the mean time him and the misses are planing on traveling the world, they are planing a trip to Paris pretty soon, and since he gets to fly for free they are going to see everything before they have children. I think they are just the cutest things I have ever seen. His wife is adorable and just perfect for him. So in other words he is happy and healthy and doing just great.