Friday, November 03, 2006

The "Hoods"

I cannot belive how long a week can be. My prince had a whole week of vacation time so, we had planned a trip to Disneyland with our kids just a few days before #1 turned 3. (so we wouldn't have to pay for him) Well almost as predicted I am way to pregnant to do that. I ended up in the hopspital just 4 days before we were to leave. Not a big deal I got the flu and went into labor becuase I was dehydrated. No big thing. However, it did make my husband being home for a solid week a lot harder on him because he had to mostly take care of our kids while I laid in bed and got better.
NOTHING I mean NOTHING could have been better for us. He came to bed every night saying man I wish I had work tomarrow. He had no idea what it took to just keep our house and clothes clean let alone the fact that our children had to go to bed breathing every night. What a trooper he was. He gladly got up and did breakfast and got our kids dressed and then we would try to do somthing together as a family. On day we went to a pumpkin patch, another we just ate lunch in a real resturant, which we never do with our kids, but they did realy great. And one day his mom watched the kids while he and I went to lunch. (Soup salad and breadsticks anyone)
I am sure that if I had to wake up at 4 in the morning everyday and work for 14 hours I would want to shoot myself in the head. I am so glad I am a girl.
So to the "hoods" I am so blessed to live in a marrage where we do have the two "hoods" priesthood and motherhood. I am sure that will make for a very interesting and fun life for my kids. Having grown up in house where we had to call in the Priesthood, I know how blessed my children are not just to have a father, but one who is truly in line with his Heavenly Father. I also am so greatfull for a husband (who grew up missing his mother), who would rather work 5 jobs 24 hours a day before seeing me leave my children with a sitter.
How wonderful the gosple is, what a true way of life to live. I know that being a woman is so much more than being able to do whatever a man does, but being able to wake up two seconds before my child starts to cry. To feel when someone needs to be huged. To understands and translate to others what my daughter is trying to say. And to see my dead tired, dirty, stinky man walk through the door,scoop up his children then notice the spaghetti on the table just for him because he had a bad day and it's his favorite. All of that means so much more to me than any other thing in the whole world.