Sunday, February 04, 2007


I had my Mother in Law here this weekend and we went out to Olympic Park in Park City. If you have not done this yet, you should.

You can see all of the events that went on during the Winter Olympics. The left picture is of the Lodge where you can eat and see the freestyle jumping. Of course when we went it was covered in snow and off to the left they have set up a tubing track where we could take our kids. Behind this is the bobsled run where for $200.00 you can ride in a bobsled ONE time.

Come to find out, people from all over the world travel here just to bobsled.

They fill up the bobsledding reservations almost every day which means that 30-40 people per day pay the price to ride in the bobsled. There is a museum zip lines and all sorts of fun things to do . If you are ever in the areal I definitely recommend checking it out.!!!
I guess it is better in the Summer time, they put wheels on the bobsled and the price for a ride goes down to $65.00 then they open some slides and other things up. I will give all of the fun details of that trip when we make it in a few months.