Monday, February 19, 2007

Ridiculuos lawsuits

I know it is no new thing but I have to get this off of my chest. What in the world is wrong with people. I think we have gone so far off track as a society and I would like to thank the lawyers who waist all of their time and educations by representing such morons!!! In stead of fighting for the real problems in our society.
It started I am sure before the whole McDonald's coffee spill but has gotten to the point that you have to sign a waver before you can play in the snow on private land. I read an article about a man who got fired from his job for looking at porn on the company's time. And he is suing them. He claims he should be getting sympathy for his "addiction" instead of being fired. He is filing under the Americans with disabilities act. YES you read that right, he is claiming he is disabled and that stress from Vietnam turned him into a sex addict. SO yes lets all spend some more tax money to set up facilities for all of those who can't keep it in there pants!
This is going to get way out of hand.....
Soon I will be able to claim that my children are to stressful I need to be compensated for my sanity. who could I sue, the doctor who delivered them, the hospital who sent me home even though I cried a little in front of my nurse, My mother for having me in the first place, or maybe even the government for not demanding that I be screened more properly before I was able to decide to have children.I am telling you I see more and more articles every day that boast such ridiculous claims for money that I want to scream out. YOU are why we have to really search to find a set of swings on a public playground. Why all of the potential good doctors are going to law school instead of into medicine. Would you want to pay half a million dollars every year just to insure your business. The idiots in the world are why the words CAUTION THIS MIGHT BE HOT are printed on the side of a coffee cup. DUH of course it's hot, its coffee moron!! And why soon we will have to sign paperwork before we can enter a building, (what if an earthquake hits and you get trapped) buy a car (you may have an accident), watch a movie(what if you get offended), and who knows what else.
Lets hope it does not come to this. But I think time will tell it will only get worse.