Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A hero among us

I have had no idea what to write about for a while. I got kind of sick of writing about myself so...

I am going to do something a little bit different. I am going to start each morning with a thought for the day. One that will come from outside of myself. Maybe from my scripture reading in the morning, something my kids say to me when i see them first thing, or like today from a woman who I have admired from afar for a very long time.
My Aunt Jan has never been extremely present in my life. I have heard about what she has been doing, and about her children from my Grandmother and my own mother but, have never really sat down with her to talk. However her life has made an impact on mine.
She was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago. She went through radiation and chemo loosing all of her hair and of course becoming as close to death as they let you get. I was so awed by her strength throughout the whole process. She put on a brave face, maybe not always feeling that way but, portraying it that way. I am sure she was frightened and unsure about what would come of it. However she made it through and was in remission for a long time.
Well just a few short months ago it began again. The disease that had already ravaged her body once was back and this time was not going to let her get off as easily. She lost a breast.

I can't begin to understand what that would feel like. The loss that would come with it. To me it would be like loosing a friend the thing which first made me a woman, which feed my children and kept them attached to me for a little while. I would miss it more than I think I would want people to know.

But it does not end there, she starts chemo again this week. She might loose her hair again and be taken to the edge of death. Going on more medications with more side effects than she was willing to share with her family. She will be strong again and she will survive her way through. In her own words" I feel so very blessed and I am so thankful for the atonement!" She finds comfort in the Savior. So I will to. I can bring him into my own life which has the pains that are no where near her own. I will draw strength from her faith and think about her today.

Dear lord please send your love
to guide us on this day
Bring peace that only Jesus
can send us on our way
Hide the pains and sorrows
We are feeling from our hearts
Let us walk in peace
Let you help us play our part
Send the spirits that surround us
With the love and peace we seek
Help us to feel them closer
Help me to be meek
The pains of the world are real
as fleeting as they may be
Bring me the peace of atonement
that will someday set me free.

I love you Jan I hope that you will feel the faith of your family surrounding you in this hour of trial.