Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lesson 2 Abraham 3, Moses 4:1-4

I know that most of you all are on lesson 3 but, I had stake conference last weekend so I am behind by a week. I am once again feeling pretty prepared about this one. Mostly because I love these scriptures. 

Abraham is another person who gives us some great insight into ourselves, our savior and the plan our father has for each and every one of his children. Abraham was prepared for the great vision he was shown from his early youth. He was saved from sacrifice to an idol by an angel. He moved away from that place and into the land of Canaan which would later be promised to be a pace for his posterity. And he wanted to know his God. He worked at that I am sure.  
We can parallel even his early days to our own lives. What are we doing to get ready for what our Father has in store for us? Are we keeping ourselves in places, or with friends, or in states of mind that are not conductive to the spirit of God? Are we willing to move ourselves out of those things in order to be closer to our Heavenly Father?
Abraham was ready and the Lord wanted him, like Moses from the last lesson, to understand who he was. So he showed him many things. One of which was the council in Heaven. This is something that Latter day Saints believe happened before the world was formed. That our Father, whom we had lived with as spirit children called us together and presented his plan for our progression. He told us of a way that we could be made like him, an opportunity for us to learn and to grow and(I think most importantly) to prove to him that we would do whatever we needed to do to get back to him  (Abraham 3:25) But, not all of us would prove worthy so he would provide a Savior for us. Jesus Christ and Lucifer then both presented their own plans for how that would work. They were vastly different and a war followed. The spirits who chose to follow the way of Jesus were given the gift of life and sent to earth to receive a body. Those spirits who chose to follow Lucifer's plan were damned and cast out of the presence of the Father. 
It is interesting, Our Heavenly Father loves all of his spirit children but, he cannot choose for us what we are going to do. He can send us angels to help us, he can guide and direct us through prophets, the scriptures, and through our own personal revelation, but the choice is ours. It always has been. Satan used the same agency he desired to take away to rebel against the Father and those spirits who followed now use that agency to tempt and to try us here on Earth. 
It is so easy to forget all of the reasons we chose to come to this life. My Mother still to this day says "I would not have chosen this" (her life is a whole different story) But the plain fact is that we did chose this. And our Father in Heaven sent us with a plan as well. We have a purpose in this life. He has something wonderful in store for us. And in my opinion the only way to be absolutely sure we are still fighting the war we started so long ago is to be anxiously engaged in the work of getting back to him. It has to be the thing we think about most of all. I myself get so frustrated sometimes at how unfair life seems. Some people suffer while others sail, why is that. I get distracted by money, my house, my children, my husband, and a million other things that may be important but are not as important as the plan of my Father in Heaven. All of those things are a part of that plan if I can just remember that. My Father chose me, held me in reserve to come at a time that he chose. A time just perfect for the plan he had in store for me. And as his spirit daughter I stood in Heaven triumphant and eager to get here to come to Earth and to do whatever it took, even if it meant I got angry with him sometimes, to get back to him. The point is AM I STILL THAT PERSON?
Am I willing to remember the way for me is the one He chose, and he will guide me ONLY if I choose to listen to him. He sent his perfect Son to provide a way for me, so if I get off my path I can be guided back by the only other person who really knows me and knows what I need all the time, my Savior Jesus Christ. There is a plan and it is a perfect plan I, being imperfect, just need to trust more in that plan. And remember like Abraham I was chosen (and I chose) before I was born. 


Five Point Capitol said...

wonderful lesson, thanks for posting! I really appreciate the post. I really have a hard time making any sense of this chapter.