Friday, September 08, 2006

Out of the trick or treat loop

This is my family last year on Halloween. I uaually make my kids costumes. But this year we are living with my mom before making a big move so I do not have a sewing machine, nor do I want to make myself anymore of a nusance than we are now. So, I have decided to buy this year. WHEN DID HALLOWEEN TURN INTO AN INVESTMENT!?! I am looking for costumes and am going to end up spending at least $50.00 for my son. I would never have asked him what he wanted to be if I had known I would be dipping into his college money to get him there. By the way he wants to be Tow Mater from cars, not an outift you can get second hand. Of course people are saying "what is the big deal, fifty dollars is not that bad."... WHAT!!! Hallaluah my daughter can't complian when she ends up going as a ballerina because I already have all of the stuff . I know all of you are saying why in the world is this such a deal, it just so happens that #1's birthday is Halloween, so he thinks the whole world dresses up to give him candy for his birthday. Great for a party, not so great for this years costume. Oh well if anyone out there wants a partially used tow mater costume the day after Halloween let me know it's yours for the low low price of $75.00, I have uped the price as a headache fee.