Monday, April 25, 2011


Spring Break is upon us and that means I hear "MOM!!! What ccan I do now, this is boring!" So when my kids get bored what do I do.... Yeah we figure out how to make the biggest messs possible!
On Thursday, our first day of break, we did Ooblek. We are a little Dr. Suess crazy at our house. I do not think there is a Suess book out there that we have not read and loved! But, Bartholomew and the oobleck is one of our favorites because we can play out our own versions of the story!

Abby was a HUGE mess after she was done so we had to go right into the tub and of course after the smaller kids were gone...

Michael and Ora went to town! Oobleak everywhere!! IT was awesome!! Probably we will pull this one out again before we go back to school.