Monday, April 25, 2011


If you remember from last year we love Easter here at the Short house!! Holy week is something I try hard to make a great tradition for my kids. I want them to understand that without Easter Christmas would not happen. This year Holy week was Awesome!! And Easter Sunday was a little bit crazy. I was teaching in Gospel Doctrine and Young Women's. I think in the end I liked teaching both lessons because I was able to really bring the Resurrection to my day. I love hearing people in my ward talk about the Savior and the reasons they love him. Young Women's was awesome!! I purposely under planned my lesson and was able to experience it in a way that I left feeling uplifted and ready to bring that feeling home.

We got home sent the kiddos down to the basement to play while we hid eggs and put out the baskets.

We bought baskets at D.I. this year and painted them as part of Holy Week! It was something I think we will do often. The kids loved having the baskets they made themselves.

Out they came! Ora found a pair of boots in the basement that don't quite fit her yet but it was fun to see them come out in clothes they picked. They were done being in the church clothes so they hunted in whatever they wanted to wear. Even if it will be embarrassing someday!!

Abby found the best thing of all.... The peep inside her basket. I think Joe put a couple of eggs in her basket but, she could have cared less.

This was the first year that Jordan really got into the hunt. He even found the famous frog egg that everyone wanted to find!

This is the egg I did for my Dad I think I will do an egg for him every year.

I could not be outside without showing you guys a picture of my peas! They are growing so well. I can't wait to get a trellis out there to help them along. If it stops raining this week I am going to get out there and get that done.

My kids! How cute are they!! I made the girls dresses this year. It was fun. Abby got into the process and was so excited every time I pulled her in for a fitting. We just had a blast and I think they turned out pretty cute. I learned a lot with Ora's so Abby's turned out a little bit better made that Ora's. But, I think I will keep on making their dresses as long as I can.

Silly picture






Kelly Stoddart said...

your kids are getting so big. And thye are still SO cute! THANK YOU so much for the Easter (Holy week) ideas we weren't very consistent since I got pretty sick but I think the kids got a lot more out of Easter than usual. We will do better next year.

Trent & Lindz said...

Erin you are such a great mom! I hope I can make holiday's this fun and memoralbe for my kids when they're old enough. And yes, your kids are so cute!!!

Rachel said...

Your kids are so dang cute. (as if you didn't already know!)