Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hooded towels

Backing up to Christmas....
Which I no realize I never posted much of anything about (can I blame facebook)
So for the next few days I will post some of what we did here at the Short home for Christmas 2010!! I did a bit of sewing! I am trying to make something for my kids for every gift-bringing holiday. So I made my families P.J.'s this year and some hooded towels for each kiddo.
But, first you must understand the towel and why I need them in my life.
All my life I never thought I would be a Mother. In fact, I never even wanted to be a Mom.
So when the time came to become one and I realized it is probably all I ever wanted to be, I kind of lost control. I became so weighed down and guilty for not ever wanting mother hood I made some promises that I would be the best mother I could ever be. I got overwhelmed, read every book, took classes, tried to understand all I could about being the very best. I did not feel up to the challenge at all! I was feeling like a total and complete failure before I ever had the baby.
Then one of my favorite people in the world sat me down and gave me a very much needed talking to. My Aunt Nancy explained to me how being a Mother was about trying to get through every day with as much grace as possible. That is was the best thing I could do and as long as I did my best and put my kids first I would be great at it. I needed to hear it! I needed to understand that I could be a great mom even when it was hard. I did not have to understand all the intricate moments of growth and development to track their years. I did not have to make every decision for their whole lives before they were born. Potty training would come in time. And right now I only had to focus on the best part of being a mother. The connection between the powers of Heaven and my body. I was working with my Heavenly Father in the most intimate way. He was using my body to create a wonderful home for one of his spirits. I left her kitchen feeling comforted and happy. And finally ready to take on the challenge of Motherhood full of grace and beauty.
For my baby shower this same Aunt made me the most wonderful gift. I hooded towel to wrap my babies in. She continued and give me one for Ora when she was born. Then when Jordan was born we wrapped him in the boy towel. When Abigail came Ora's pink towel went around her little head. I have always adored my kids at bath time. The splashes and the giggles and the fun are probably my favorite part of being a mom. Then when I pull my kids out of the tub all wet and smiling we do "snuggle dries" inside of their hooded towels. We tickle and tumble until they are all dry and ready to put on jammies.
Well, the towels are ratted and worn. Several years of use have rubbed them raw. It was time for new ones. So this year made one for everyone!!

The initials on the new ones are made from the old towels.
Abby and Jordan like to spend lots of time in their very own towels. Joe even did a lot of the sewing and I can say it was kind of a healing moment as I sat back and realized that I had come a long way. From a never going to get married book worm. To a wife and mother of four beautiful kids. I am the most blessed woman on the planet. Some day the guilt from not "wanting" this from birth will go away for ever. But, for now I still wrap my babies in these and remember the word grace! That is all I can do. Try to get through every day with grace.... And a LOT of fun!!


The Jones's said...

That's a really neat idea. I do not sew, but I hope to be able to someday. My Mother is a fantastic seamstress (made my gorgeous wedding dress), and I want to be able to do for my children what she did for us. I never wanted to learn to sew and now I'm sad that I haven't. At least you can learn at any age.