Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Fishing

As proof from this picture...

The Short family had one of our best days ever last weekend!! Our plan was to wake up early set up dinner in the crock pot and head out on the ice. The alarm clock went off at 5:30 and then I said five more minutes and I woke up at 15 minutes to 7. Oh well. I got up and put dinner in the crock pot packed up the car and headed up to Schofeild resevior to dig in the ice and fish!!

This is the veiw of the lake as we drove up.

We put Abby on the sled for a ride out to the spot for the tent. The snow was almost a foot deep so she probably could not have walked out by herself. She had a blast eating the snow that would pile up against her the whole way there.

Joe in his element!

Everyone took a turn scooping out the slush from the hole we made. I think that was maybe the most fun part for the kids.

Imagine me in there with them and you would see us all in the tent snuggly and warm.

Abby taking her turn with the fishing pole!

Jordan hung out at the auger all day he would put a little bit of snow at the top and then pretend it was a car and slide it down to the snow.

Ora and Michael spent their time with the snow shovel. Michael dug all day long! Ora kept coming in and out of the tent to warm up but, Michael just dug! I would ask him if his feet were wet and he would say no. By the time we got to the car at the end of the day I took off his snow boots and his feet were soaking wet. I am not sure at what point he probably stopped feeling them but, he must have just kept going because he was having too much fun.

Jordan and Ora on the other hand kept coming in and out of the tent to get their feet warm. Next time we will bring a few extra pairs of socks for everyone and then we won't have to waste play time drying out socks.

We did not catch any fish, our theory was that we were too close to the shore, So I decided we should make a snow fish!! After we were done with the fish the kids took turn throwing "flaming snowballs" at it to cook it. Then they ate pieces of it for a while until they kicked it to peices and we were packed up and ready to go.

While packing up the tent Abby, of course, fell and her whole arm went through the hole and she got pretty soacked. So we had to strip her down and wrap her up in one of Michael's coats and then in Joe's heavy jacket. So, yup! She's naked under there! But heppy and smiling to be on another ride on the sled.

Ora tried to push the whole way back. We were a good few hundred yards from the shore. I was pretty proud of her!!

The Mountain was beautiful!!

We stopped for hot chocolate on the way home and we all just laughed and talked and sang songs the whole way. Jordan and Abby tuckered out before we were all the way down the mountian. We came home and it smelled fabulous! The stew we made was the perfect way to end the day I haighly reccomend it! We ended the day all together wrapped up in the living room watching a movie. It was truly a perfect day!!!! They don't happen all the time but we live for them, it was so wonderful, I will never forget it. I hope the kids don't either.


Humes Family said...

What a blast!! Sounds like a pretty awesome day!

Marianne said...

That looks super fun! Next time take us :) Love the new pictures on the side. Everybody looks so grown up. We need to get together more often.

A Sharing Heart said...

Those are the great memories that your children will talk about the rest of their lives. What a fun day and I am sure there will be many more.