Monday, May 24, 2010

Who you gonna call?

Every Sautrday night (okay most Saturday nights) you will find the Short family all in our living room huddled up on either one blanket or on the couch having Family Movie Night! We get a new movie every week and have a great time being together. My kids look forward to it and by Thursday at bedtime they are asking when Saturday is coming. They get excited but, I think Joe and I enjoy it even more than they do. We usually pick out a movie and when I go grocery shoping I pick up a treat. Most of the time just popcorn or a small bag of candy, and if they have been really good I will pick up some ice cream.

About two weeks ago Michael asked me for something I was not sure I could give him. He wanted to make the Marshmellow man from Ghostbusters???

We watched Ghostbusters like 6 months ago, and I was not thrilled about it, I think I probably spent the whole movie reading while they all loved watching it. But this took me by surprise. I do not even know what the marshmellow man is but I was willing to make an effort for my kiddos and thier fun.
This is what the marshmellow man AKA Stay Puft looks like!
Yes I wanted to make this happen, that is untill I realized that I had a very adorable other half in the form of my sweet husband to do it instead. I did arm him with a bag of large marshmellows and a container of Q-tips and put him to work.
Off and running!Or should I say off anf getting really sticky! I love Ora in the background, isn't she working hard!! The concentration in her mouth is priceless.
Finished product's
This is the one we made for Abby, Jordan had fun being a "strong man" with that one.
Michael, Oh so proud!! All of this was so worth it just for this picture!!


Mandi said...

What a fun activity!!

A Sharing Heart said...

I love it. This movie came out when Jon was young and at Halloween he wanted to be the marshmellow man. We have some cute pictures of him in the costurme. Don't know what it is about the marshmellow man but little boys seem to like him.