Monday, March 29, 2010

I miss having a camera!

I MISS IT SO MUCH!! But, I will share with you what we have been up to anyway, even if the pictures are kind of horrible. I have been in "house fix up" mode.  And since I am not about to go and buy new things for a house I am renting that mean I want to fix up what I have and add a few nice touches here and there. Lately this means getting out some cute paper, or pictures and using modge podge to make things seem new and fun!!

The kids and I did this nightstand with Uncle Bobby a few months ago. My sister Cristen was here with her husband for a conference and Joe was off doing something for the day(I cannot remember what?!?) Joe has been wanting a nightstand for a log time now and so I went with Bobby to D.I. and I found this piece. I am sure it is an end table for a living room but, after a bit of work it turned out great. We painted it black and then added some torn paper and pictures of Joe and his kids all around. This one above is the top level of the piece the one below kind of lets you see how it all turned out. 

On another trip to D.I. while looking for a dresser for my bedroom (that is a whole other post) I happened across two school style desks, you know the ones with the chairs attached. EIGHT DOLLARS (did I mention I LOVE D.I.) When we got them home and went to put them away Michael was shocked, looked at me and said "wait we didn't finish them"  He brought up the papers and picked out his favorite. He found one that was a map and then he realized he had a winner. We did a girl one too. But, I could not get a great picture from my phone. It ended up being pink with all kinds of girly patterns. So cute, maybe I will get a picture someday!

I found this tile board (I bet you know where) and last year we had a Dr. Suess calender. We pulled it apart and have been doing some fun things with those papers but, this is my favorite thing so far! It is from the book 'Did I ever tell you how lucky you are' It is all about how your life could have been so much worse! A nice funny gentle reminder that your life is pretty great! This page says "Just suppose for example you lived in Ga-zayte, and got caught in that traffic on Zayte highway eight"

I know this has not been redone but I thought she fit in with the Dr. Suess theme with her "who hair" She is just too cute not to share!


Kelly Stoddart said...

see now you have made me want to go to the D.I. again I was just there last Saturday. Oh well it's soooo much fun.

Marianne said...

You are way too crafty. Everything looks so cute. I am shocked that Abby doesn't have bows in her hair though.