Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Faith of a child

There is nothing like being a mother to bring you closer to your Father in Heaven. Every day I am given the chance to peer into Heaven, Boy it looks great. I have a little boy who in his own right is not very little. The very day he came to this world I knew he had been waiting a very long time to get here. He radiated peace and love from even his 10 minute old body. A truly "old soul". Watching him grow has been one huge lesson at a time. First with his old soul came an incredible will to do as he pleased. He did not like being a baby and mastered his body very quickly holding his head up at three weeks was the beginning. He walked at nine months and found his independence which to this day he craves. As I look forward to him turning three he is reminding me of who he is more and more.
Just the other day we had our F.H.E. lesson on faith and had this conversation...
Mom: "Who do you pray to?"
Child: "Heavenly Father and Jesus."
Mom: "Have you ever met Heavenly Father or Jesus?"
Child: "No"
Mom: "How do you know they are really there when you talk to them?"
Child: "because I just do."

As the deeper meaning of his response to that question sunk into me, I wanted to end our lesson right there, I had certainly learned a thing or two about my own faith. But for the sake of the lesson I took a breath, trying to record his sweet answer in my mind, and I plowed on. I continued to tell him that, that meant he had faith, that just because he hadn't seen them did not make them any less real. It seemed as though he didn't really care what faith was, he just knew his Heavenly Father was there for him and that was all he needed to know.

How nice it would be to truly have the faith of a little child. To go through life not caring that you have faith just caring that you know the things you know. Never questioning what you know, just knowing!
I am such a huge fan of my children, I am so lucky to be given there little souls to mold and even more lucky to know that I do not have to do it alone. To know that even though they don't remember all of the lessons they learned before they came to earth the spirit they feel when I teach them true doctrine will let them know what I am telling them is true. When I got sealed to my Hubby we were told marriage is a three legged stool. With you, your husband, and your Father in Heaven holding it up. I have transferred that wisdom into how I raise my kids and I hope the Lord will never leave our presence as I bring these souls up to be the people they were meant to be.