Thursday, October 14, 2010

(pardon the pictures I cannot find my USB cord for my camera so I had to use my camera on my phone for the pictures)

I know it has been so long since I have updated my blog. To be perfectly honest I hvae not felt like doing it when we did not get our new house in Salem I was heartbroken. I got really sad, and I will admit that I got depressed and hid in my home for a while. Finally, I cam eout of my funk and decided that if I was staying put in this house for a while longer that I needed to spruce it up a bit. My mom came up and helped me tons.
We found this Perfect painting for my kitchen, I had almost as fun with my mom shoping for it as I have had looking at it each day in my house.

The next day she was here we went over to IKEA and found some shelves to put on this huge empty wall in my living room... They are so cute. I do not have pictures in them yet but, that is a whole different story!

I have also been crafting a bit latly and have made some fun things!
Here is one of the magnet boards I made for the girls room.

These are some luminaries... They are so cute at night when we light them at night.

I painted the window next to my front door.

Here is the cork boards in my boys room!

These are the magnet boards in the hallway, I will no longer have a million peices of paper all over my fridge. They have a cute things they bring home froom school all the time and now they have a few different places they can put them up.


Marianne said...

You're so crafty. Everything looks so cute.