Friday, July 02, 2010

He did it!!

Michael is my Smarty pants! When he turned three years old I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he told me very seriously that he wanted to learn to read. He was so thrilled to go into Kindergarten I thought he would burst at the seams the day I dropped him off.

Turns out that Smart cookie thing kind of bit him in the rear int he end. He got left behind (or ahead I guess really) BIG TIME!!

His teacher did her best to keep him interested but, with so many kids in her class he ended up working with other kids and helping them rather than moving forward and learning all he could have learned. By then end he was kind of bored and he is ready to go on to first grade and Maybe... second if when we move I decide to test him up! ( all input on that topic would be appreciated)

All in all he had a great year. He only disliked about the last month or so. In then end he was happy to move on and proud of the work he did in the year.


LadySonoma said...

I would say, don't rush it. I had one son Talented and Gifted and one ADHD. The talented son hated moving ahead of his class, he left all of his friends. He said later, he wished we would have just left him alone! lol....The eldest, the ADHD has gone on the learn to adapt. Kids adjust just fine, I sometimes think as a parent, we have a tendency to push too hard. Kids are only kids once. Don't rush him....just my opinion. Renee