Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A couple tales of ORA

Yesterday I was in my room folding some laundry when I heard Ora yelling, "Mommy, mommy come here!!" So I went outside to see what was happening and there she was, swinging herself! A few days ago we were at the park and we had a few lessons on the swings. I tried to teach her by doing the spider swing thing. You know, where you sit on the swing and then she sat on my lap with her feet behind me. It did the trick perfectly. She learned how it felt to push off from the swing and do it yourself. But, she was too afraid to try it on her own there. I was so excited to come out and see her swinging on her own. She has been on the swings ever since. Yesterday she sat and was smiling for hours.

Ora is such a girl. On Saturday We needed to mow the lawn. It was the perfect day warm and sunny, and beautiful. We played most of the day outside and then it came time to mow and Ora FREAKED OUT!! She came running inside and grabbed the basket we keep our family scriptures in. She had to save the dandelions! She ran around the yard grabbing up as many of those precious flowers as she could get her hands on. Her sweet brother Michael, saw her worries and helped out. they 'saved' a ton before Dad could run them over with the mower. We kept them safe all day and then the next day they were magically gone. Michael is such a sweetie he kept our little secret about what happens to flowers after you pick them. Once again the pictures kind of suck but, hopefully soon we will have a new camera and we will be able to share more perfect pictures.


The Jones's said...

Too funny.

Jenessa said...

WHo would have ever thought a basket full of weeds would make a girl so happy!