Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ora's 4th birthday! A few months late

So I am finally catching up with my pictures, I got a new usb cord for my camera and so now I can Finally post some old pictures. These are from Ora's 4th birthday. We were in Las Vegas and were able to have a birthday party for her at my moms house. She wanted a butterfly cake and so I attempted. The picture in my head was way better than how it ended up being in real life. But I got to spend Tons of time with my sister as we decorated and she made the most amazing icing I think I have ever tasted! It was a blast. and Ora had so much fun just playing with her cousins at Grandmas house. She could not have asked for a better birthday!

Before we went to Las Vegas we had a small party for her a our own home. I made her a few dress up clothes. A brides dress, a flapper dress, a fun little beaded dress, and two tutu's (Joe even made one of those) We made her TONS of jewelry just out of beads we had lying around and pasta and lace, and I made a few boas out of some fuzzy yarn I had here.  She also got a glitter ball from Michael and Jordan. We had "pink" pancakes for breakfast, now a tradition for her birthday. And we had a few cupcakes after dinner. The more I think about it the more I think her birthday ROCKED this year!! 

Brides dress, with diamond ring. (really a plastic bead hot glued to some lace)

Glitter Ball, and her card from grandma she carried around for a week!

This is so out of order but, oh well. We also had a fancy Nancy birthday outing with her cousin Madisen. We got all dressed up at aunt dawn's house and then went to The Kings crown AKA McDonalds for a hamburger and parfaits. We took tea set and the girls drank their soda out of tiny little tea cups.  It was seriously every little girls dream come true. And so fun for all of us to watch. We had Grandma with us and of course our Stylists Dawn and Megan came along as well. MAN she really did have a great birthday this year. What will I do for the next one??

Getting Ora's hair done

Madisen's nails. Dawn even had stickers to finish the job!

All done posing with the book. Dawn made those cute veils they wore!! They were so beautiful!

Parfaits, they guy behind they counter looked at me like I was crazy when I asked him to put M&M's on top of the sundae's.

The tiny tea cups were the perfect touch. Thanks again Dawn for all the hard work you and Megan put in to making this so special!!